Can Acupuncture Treat a Pinched Nerve?

If you have a pinched nerve, can acupuncture be a solution? Suffering from the pain of a pinched nerve can be a horrendous experience. In some cases, you may have trouble sleeping or be unable to function in your daily life. Popping pain pills every day isn't a sustainable or desirable solution, so many people [...]

The Advantages of Practicing Yoga in a Class Setting

What are the advantages of practicing Yoga in a class setting? Whether you've been practicing yoga for many years or just started yesterday, you're probably very aware of the benefits of yoga classes. However, perhaps you don't really see too much of a difference between practicing yoga in a class setting and performing poses at [...]

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Why Should You Practice Yoga Before Bed?

Benefits of Yoga Before Bed It's been well-established that yoga is extremely beneficial for your body and mind. While many people only tend to practice yoga during the day with a professional yoga instructor, you should also consider a nightly routine. In fact, let's take a look at a few reasons why practicing yoga before bed should be [...]

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5 Restorative Yoga Postures for Beginners

Restorative Yoga Postures for Beginners The restorative powers of yoga for both the body and mind can't be understated. With so many postures to choose from, you can work on everything from improving flexibility and reducing stress to losing weight and gaining strength. Since you may not know exactly where to begin, we've created a [...]

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What are 10 Beginner Yoga Postures You Should Master?

A few yoga postures beginners should learn. There’s no doubt at all that yoga is extremely beneficial to your health. It can help you gain flexibility, improve clarity, increase strength, reduce back pain, lose weight, lower stress, and so much more. That being said, joining a yoga class for the first time can be a little [...]

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7 Benefits of Neuromuscular Therapy

What are some of the benefits of neuromuscular therapy? Neuromuscular massage therapy works as an effective treatment for pain relief and other body issues. This therapy focuses on the source of the pain and alleviating it. Although many people who take part in yoga classes may have never heard of this technique, it's been used [...]

How Does Yoga Build Muscle and Strength?

How Yoga Builds Muscle and Strength Simply put, yoga builds muscle, and strength by utilizing your own body weight. Depending on the poses that you make a part of your routine, you'll be able to engage your core, arms, shoulders, chest, legs, glutes, etc. Although lifting weights will bulk you up. Yoga can help you [...]

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Why You Should Make Practicing Yoga Your New Year’s Resolution!

Why is yoga a great New Year's Resolution? Before you know it, that time of year will be right around the corner once again - New Year’s! - and with it will come loads of resolutions that we’ll all struggle to stick with. If you’ve been searching for a resolution that will improve your health and keep [...]

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How Does Acupuncture Help with Stress Relief?

How does acupuncture help manage stress? Stress is a killer... not in the philosophical sense but in the literal sense. Left untreated, stress can cause high blood pressure, heart palpitations, mental health issues, and a long list of ailments. This is why you must use every method to relieve stress and anxiety.   Today, we're [...]

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Lower Back Pain Yoga: 7 Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain

How yoga can help relieve lower back pain. Millions of people across the country suffer from lower back pain on a regular basis. This pain can become so intense that even simple tasks are difficult to complete. If you suffer from this issue, treatments such as physical therapy and pain medications have probably become a part of your regular [...]

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