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Nwando Nwanna, Health and Nutrition Therapist & Pharm D

Nwando Nwanna, Health and Nutrition Therapist & Pharm D

Nwando is a Florida Registered Pharmacist. She graduated from University of Florida in 1998 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm D). She practiced as a Clinical Pharmacist in hospital settings for 10 years and then began to work as a retail Community Pharmacist. She decided to start a health and nutrition practice because of her own personal experience with health issues that were resolved with Nutrition Response Testing® and Designed Clinical Nutrition. She attended training workshops at The Ulan Nutrition Center to be certified as a Nutrition Response practitioner.

She became a pharmacist because she cares about people and their health. Over the years, she noticed that many of the drugs prescribed for treatment of many chronic diseases only suppress symptoms and prevent further progression of the disease. Many of these drugs do not take care of the underlying cause of the disease. She was pleased to learn of a health and nutrition therapy system that seeks to find underlying cause of malfunction in the body and provide nutritional support for the body as it heals itself. She was particularly impressed by the specificity of the nutritional remedies. Nwando is available for Health and Nutrition Therapy on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at East West Healing Solutions.