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Our Mission is to Provide Compassionate, Effective, Safe, and Natural Solutions, Incorporating Both Eastern and Western Medicine Modalities to Relieve Pain, Maximizing Our Patients Quality of Life.

Stop Hurting Start Living

Good health is an investment you consciously make once you realize that your health dictates how you live your life. You decide to stay as healthy as possible for several reasons: to live longer and experience more that life has to offer, to feel better about yourself physically, to improve your mental health, to have more energy to enjoy activities, and to keep yourself out of the hospital and keep medical costs down,

If not treated immediately with proper medication or therapy, some injuries and illnesses can last longer and can have drastic effects on your body. While Western medicine is the conventional and dominant form of health care used to treat all illnesses and injuries in the USA, combining the use of Eastern medicine has proven to be very effective in reducing the healing time and obtaining optimum health.

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East West Healing Solutions Halotherapy Salt Cabin

East West Healing Solutions Introduces Halotherapy:

Halotherapy is an exposure to kinetically activated dry salt where the micro sized particles are inhaled.

Since dry salt is antibacterial and super absorbent it actively kills bacteria and reduces the inflammation in the respiratory system and widens the airways for better breathing.

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About Dr. Marie

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Born and raised in Quebec City Canada, Dr. Perkins received her Bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy from University Laval in 1993. In 1995, career opportunities arose but it meant she would have to relocate, leaving everything behind.

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Some of Our Services


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A rounded glass cup is placed on the skin creating a suction effect. Several health benefits are assigned.Read More

Dry Aqua Massage

We are one of only 3 facilities on the west coast of Florida to offer this therapeutic modality.Read More

Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy (LLLT) can stimulate repair of tissue, reduce inflammation and relieve pain in musculoskeletal disorders.Read More

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