5 Yoga Breathing Techniques to Practice in Your Next Yoga Session

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5 Yoga Breathing Techniques to Practice in Your Next Yoga Session

Yoga Breathing Techniques to Incorporate into Your Yoga Routine

Yoga offers a variety of health benefits that make it a valuable addition to any wellness routine. Not only does yoga build strength and improve flexibility, but it can assist with stress management. There are over 100 schools of yoga that can help you maximize your overall sense of wellness.

Pranayama is the branch of yoga that consists of breath control exercises. These yoga breathing techniques are especially effective at strengthening your mind-body connection. Many individuals find that a stronger mind-body connection helps them kick bad habits or conquer feelings of self-doubt.

It’s easy to start incorporating yoga breathing techniques into your yoga sessions. Here are a few simple breathing techniques to try during your next yoga workout. If you’re new to Pranayama, start by practicing the yoga breathing techniques on their own. Eventually, you can try them in conjunction with your favorite yoga poses.

Lion’s Breath

Lion’s Breath is an easy, fun breathing exercise that even children will enjoy. Start the exercise breathing deeply in through your nose as you tilt your head back, keeping your mouth open. Exhale through your mouth and stick your tongue out. This playful pose is perfect for yoga stretches that incorporate arm movements.

Breath of Fire

The Breath of Fire is one of the yoga breathing techniques commonly done during Bikram (hot) yoga. Begin by sitting up straight and inhaling through your nose. Then, quickly and aggressively exhale out of your nose as you repeatedly tighten your belly button.

You’ll notice that this technique quickly warms up the abdominal muscles. Amplify the effect by increasing the intensity of your exhales and your abdominal clenching.

Once you’ve mastered the Breath of Fire, try a variation known as the Skull Cleanser. You’ll complete your breathing while you hold your arms over your head, and you’ll put a little more emphasis on the exhales. Many people love the Skull Cleanser for a quick energy boost to mental clarity.

Three-Part Breathing

Many yoga breathing techniques alleviate insomnia, including Three-Part Breathing. Three-Part Breathing is a slow breathing exercise that begins with you putting one hand on the top of your chest and one hand on your navel.

Inhale and force the air down through your chest and your abdomen. When done correctly, your abdomen will expand. End the breath by exhaling and expelling the air from your abdomen and eventually from your chest.

Ujjayi Breath

Ujjayi Breath is one of the most versatile yoga breathing techniques, making it an excellent addition to your next yoga session. As you inhale through the nose, let the breath hit the back of your throat so it makes a gentle hissing sound. Slowly exhale through your nose.

You may find that the Ujjayi Breath allows you to hold your yoga poses longer or to achieve a deeper stretch. If one of your goals for your yoga sessions is to reduce your chronic pain levels, a better workout due to your yoga breathing techniques can help you accomplish this objective.

Or, you might even combine your yoga sessions with another treatment, such as acupuncture, to enhance the effects.

Bellows Breathing

Shake your low energy levels with a few minutes of Bellows Breathing. Start by raising your hands over your head; spread your fingers out or create fists with your hands. Then, breathe through your mouth as you clear your mind. When it’s time to exhale, release your elbows and press them into your sides. Let your breath forcefully leave your body.

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