5 Lies About Yoga You May Be Telling Yourself

Have you bought into the 5 lies about yoga you may be telling yourself? Don’t let these lies keep you off the mat! Instead, arm yourself with the truth about yoga! THE LIE: You MUST be flexible to practice yoga. THE TRUTH: You don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga. In fact, yoga is [...]

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Can Acupuncture Treat a Pinched Nerve?

If you have a pinched nerve, can acupuncture be a solution? Suffering from the pain of a pinched nerve can be a horrendous experience. In some cases, you may have trouble sleeping or be unable to function in your daily life. Popping pain pills every day isn't a sustainable or desirable solution, so many people [...]

Yoga May Lower Anxiety – Discover how!

We have identified 5 ways yoga may lower anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety, you may experience muscular tension, nausea, sweating, and other unpleasant physiological symptoms. Since anxiety can also impact your mind, causing excessive concern, worry, and racing thoughts, it makes it difficult to concentrate. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you [...]

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Can Practicing Yoga Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Can Practicing Yoga Help Lower Blood Pressure? Since its inception, many millions - and possibly billions - of yoga practitioners have benefited from increased flexibility, improved relaxation techniques, weight loss, and other benefits. Due to its many health benefits, people have often wondered if practicing yoga for high blood pressure is effective. Many studies have been [...]

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Yoga for Runners: How Does Yoga Benefit Runners?

How is practicing Yoga beneficial for runners? People far and wide always talk about the benefits of yoga, but they typically speak in more general terms. We've done this many times ourselves because yoga can improve your physical and mental health whether you're a desk jockey or physical athlete. For today's discussion, however, we're going to look at the [...]

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Top Reasons You Should Start Practicing Yoga…Today!

There's a reason why the age-old practice of yoga has thrived in our modern-day world. Yoga is a complete mind-body workout that has both physical and mental advantages, making it one of the most versatile ways to exercise.  Keep reading to learn the top reasons we think you should start practicing yoga today!   Relax [...]

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The Advantages of Practicing Yoga in a Class Setting

What are the advantages of practicing Yoga in a class setting? Whether you've been practicing yoga for many years or just started yesterday, you're probably very aware of the benefits of yoga classes. However, perhaps you don't really see too much of a difference between practicing yoga in a class setting and performing poses at [...]

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Why Should You Practice Yoga Before Bed?

Benefits of Yoga Before Bed It's been well-established that yoga is extremely beneficial for your body and mind. While many people only tend to practice yoga during the day with a professional yoga instructor, you should also consider a nightly routine. In fact, let's take a look at a few reasons why practicing yoga before bed should be [...]

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How Yoga Changes Your Brain

We know that yoga can help tone your body, build strength, improve sleep, and lower stress.  But, have you ever considered how it can impact your brain?  Lucky for us, there are lots of researchers who have studied how yoga changes your brain.  Keep reading to discover what they have learned.   Feel-Good Chemicals Can [...]

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5 Restorative Yoga Postures for Beginners

Restorative Yoga Postures for Beginners The restorative powers of yoga for both the body and mind can't be understated. With so many postures to choose from, you can work on everything from improving flexibility and reducing stress to losing weight and gaining strength. Since you may not know exactly where to begin, we've created a [...]

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