5 Facts Nobody Told You About Yoga! (but you wish they did!)

We love dropping facts, tips, and information about yoga.  We believe the more you know about yoga, the more you will get out of it.  In this post, we share 5 facts nobody told you about yoga, but you wish they did!   Let’s Dive In!   FACT 1: There is a reason why they [...]

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How Does Yoga Build Muscle and Strength?

How Yoga Builds Muscle and Strength Simply put, yoga builds muscle, and strength by utilizing your own body weight. Depending on the poses that you make a part of your routine, you'll be able to engage your core, arms, shoulders, chest, legs, glutes, etc. Although lifting weights will bulk you up. Yoga can help you [...]

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Top Ways Yoga May Actually Make Your Life Better

We always hear how good yoga is for you and how much people LOVE it.  What’s all the fuss?  Here are the top ways yoga can actually make your life better:   Yoga... > Improves flexibility.  The postures and poses held in yoga are designed to lengthen muscles and ligaments helping to improve flexibility.  The [...]

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Why You Should Make Practicing Yoga Your New Year’s Resolution!

Why is yoga a great New Year's Resolution? Before you know it, that time of year will be right around the corner once again - New Year’s! - and with it will come loads of resolutions that we’ll all struggle to stick with. If you’ve been searching for a resolution that will improve your health and keep [...]

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How Does Acupuncture Help with Stress Relief?

How does acupuncture help manage stress? Stress is a killer... not in the philosophical sense but in the literal sense. Left untreated, stress can cause high blood pressure, heart palpitations, mental health issues, and a long list of ailments. This is why you must use every method to relieve stress and anxiety.   Today, we're [...]

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Is Yoga Actually Beneficial For Your Body? Four Ways You Can Be Certain.

We get this question a lot!  Actually, we LOVE it when we get asked this because it’s SO exciting to share our answer!  So, is yoga actually beneficial for your body - four ways you can be certain are below!   Let’s dive in…   > Flexibility.  How often do you wake up stiff and [...]

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Lower Back Pain Yoga: 7 Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain

How yoga can help relieve lower back pain. Millions of people across the country suffer from lower back pain on a regular basis. This pain can become so intense that even simple tasks are difficult to complete. If you suffer from this issue, treatments such as physical therapy and pain medications have probably become a part of your regular [...]

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5 Restorative Yoga Poses You Should Practice

Restorative yoga poses for your next yoga lesson. If you’re in search of a slightly different yoga experience, you should try a class involving restorative yoga poses. These poses specifically target relaxation and restoration of your mind and body through a series of slow movements and passive stretching. Practitioners love the benefits and will often [...]

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4 Reasons Why Yoga Might Just Be The Thing You Need If You Suffer From Joint Pain and Arthritis

Practicing yoga to relieve joint and arthritis pain. It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t seem like yoga would be the go-to solution to help with joint pain and arthritis.  After all, yoga involves A LOT of twisting and turning and that involves the use of joints - and that could be uncomfortable.  Keep reading [...]

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4 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Sleep

Yoga has A LOT of benefits.  One of our favorites is how it can impact sleep.  It may actually improve your sleep.  Curious how?  Keep reading to explore 4 ways yoga can improve your sleep.   Teaches You How To Breathe and Welcome Sleep Much of yoga is learning how to breathe in ways that [...]

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