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Everyone from busy mothers to professional athletes are raving about the benefits of yoga. This unique form of exercise has been around for nearly 5,000 years for good reason. Yoga improves physical health as well as mental health. If you are looking to enhance your flexibility, stay slim and feel well-rested, East West Healing Solutions in Palm Harbor is your destination.

Yoga Builds Muscle

Give yoga a chance and you will find it really does boost your muscle. There is no need to lift those heavy weights or fuss around with resistance bands when you can perform yoga. Muscle built through yoga improves your aesthetics while simultaneously enhancing blood flow and even boosting your metabolism.

Better Posture Through Yoga

If you feel as though you slouch or have flawed posture, don’t fret. Our yoga studio in Palm Harbor can help. Regular yoga sessions will correct your posture and help you avoid issues with your neck, back, joints and muscles. These problems are alleviated through the strengthening of muscles that surround the spine and neck. This enhanced strength reduces muscle strains and aches as there will no longer be a need to compensate for poor posture.

Yoga for Heart Health

The American Heart Association (AHA) reports regular yoga boosts heart health. The benefits of sustained yoga include lower cholesterol levels, improved blood pressure and a boost to exercise functionality. You don’t have to go all out with an egregiously intense session of yoga to obtain these benefits. Even low-intensity yoga will improve heart health through the building of muscle, improved blood circulation, and deep breathing.

Improve Your Flexibility and Balance with Yoga

Yoga poses and stretches work wonders for your balance and flexibility. Engage in regular yoga sessions at our yoga studio in Palm Harbor and you will enjoy an extended range of motion. This is attributable to the fact that yoga stretches and even lengthens muscles. Stronger and longer muscles ward off injuries and help muscles operate in the most efficient manner possible. Enhanced flexibility and balance will help with much more than athletic performance. It will also make daily activities easier and reduce the odds of a fall or other accident.

Yoga Even Decreases Stress

One of the top reasons for yoga’s meteoric ascent in popularity is the fact that it reduces stress. Stress wears away at the mind, the body, one’s sleeping schedule and even eating habits. If you feel even the slightest bit stressed, it is time to give our yoga studio in Palm Harbor a try. Even a simple weekly yoga session can decrease your stress, improve your sleep, empower you to perform better at work, speed up your metabolism and enhance your mood.