What are some of the Benefits Provided by Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

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What are some of the Benefits Provided by Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

Approximately 50 million Americans have discussed using massage therapy with their medical providers to manage medical ailments. One massage alternative is known as a dry hydrotherapy massage; it’s also referred to as dry aqua massage. Dry hydrotherapy massage combines elements of a massage with the benefits of a hot whirlpool to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Benefits of Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

There are multiple benefits associated with dry hydrotherapy massage that make it an excellent addition to your health and nutrition regimen. With a dry hydrotherapy massage, pulsating pockets of water are applied to the body via a mechanical table. A waterproof barrier keeps the water from touching your body.

The massaging motion of the water pockets improves your blood circulation and boosts your blood’s oxygen levels. Afterward, most individuals experience lower pain levels of pain and stress and heightened levels of relaxation, Here are some more advantages of dry aqua massage.

You Can Experience a Dry Aqua Massage in Your Normal Clothing

One benefit of a dry aqua massage is that you don’t need to bring a swimsuit, change of clothes, or toiletries to your session. This makes it a good fit if you have a busy lifestyle or want a form of water massage that requires minimal preparation. You won’t have to bother with changing, showering afterwards, drying your hair, or redoing your makeup, saving you valuable time in your tight schedule.

Dry Hydrotherapy Massage Combines Multiple Soothing Elements in One Session

A dry aqua massage utilizes multiple therapeutic elements in a single session. In addition to the pulsating, massaging water, the hydrotherapy table will apply pain-alleviating heat, enhancing the effects of your session. Since you’re lying down during your massage, this makes it a terrific time for meditation.

It’s Possible to Customize Your Massage

When it’s time for your massage, you’ll have the opportunity to tell your practitioner which areas of your body are giving your trouble. They can then adjust the pressure of the massage, so it suits your needs.

If your legs are sore after tai chi classes, your session might use more pressure on the lower half of your body to reduce your delayed onset muscle soreness. Or, if you suffer from chronic back pain, your healing instructors may suggest that your dry hydrotherapy massage use lower amounts of targeted pressure on the areas when you have the most pain. Some dry water massage providers also allow you to adjust the level of heat used for your session.

Your provider wants you to be comfortable; if something isn’t enjoyable, make sure you speak up so that they can adjust your massage.

There’s No Downtime After a Session

After a dry water massage appointment, there’s no need to skip your regular activities. You can still attend your yoga classes or keep up with your scheduled exercise. Most individuals leave their dry hydrotherapy sessions feeling refreshed and rejuvenation with lower pain levels.

You Can Incorporate Dry Hydrotherapy with Other Treatments

Comprehensive healing services usually suggest that you incorporate multiple lifestyle changes for optimal results. It’s easy to combine your dry hydrotherapy massage sessions with other options to improve your wellness. Massages are typically only 15 minutes, leaving you plenty of time for an acupuncture or salt therapy session.

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