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Most people in Palm Harbor have heard of Tai chi yet few have an in-depth understanding of how it benefits health. Those who learn Tai chi from Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino at East West Healing Solutions find this form of exercise to be meditative, strength-enhancing and therapeutic. Indeed, the benefits of Tai chi extend far beyond the physical body. This exercise is good for the mind as well as the soul.

Tai Chi Movement

The typical Tai chi class commences with a warm-up session. Basic motions like turning the head to the sides, rocking forward and backward and performing shoulder circles loosen muscles. These subtle movements also empower one to focus on breathing. The actual instruction of Tai chi at East West Healing Solutions involves sets of movements. Short form movements number around a dozen while long forms can reach the hundreds. Tai chi also involves simple but highly beneficial martial arts moves. These physical movements are combined with deep breathing and a focus on bodily sensations.

Tai Chi: Meditation in Motion

The evidence is continuing to mount in favor of Tai chi as a gentle form of exercise that puts the mind at ease. Tai Chi unblocks qi. Qi is the energy force that flows throughout the entirety of the human body. Tai chi also promotes the balance of yin and yang. These are the opposing elements many believe comprise the universe. If yin and yang are not kept in harmony with one another, an imbalance is generated.

Readers are likely wondering, how, exactly, does Tai chi promote the flow of qi and the balance of yin and yang. Tai chi accomplishes this through precise breathing techniques. Palm Harbor Tai chi participants engage gentle breathing combined with movement. The purpose is to bring relaxation to the mind and mobilize the energy within the body.

The Physical Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi enhances strength, balance, and flexibility. In fact, studies show Tai chi even prevents an array of health problems. Most of those who try this exercise stick with it for years, if not indefinitely. The best part is you do not have to be an advanced athlete or in tip-top shape to obtain these benefits. Tai chi is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t require considerable strength or speed.

Give Tai chi classes at East West Healing Solutions with Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino a try and you will find it does not stretch your muscles or cause them to tense up. Your muscles, joints and connective tissues will remain relaxed and extended just far enough to obtain a physical benefit. Tai chi exercises can even be modified for those seated in wheelchairs and patients recovering from surgical operations.