5 Reasons Why Restorative Yoga Will Change Your Life

//5 Reasons Why Restorative Yoga Will Change Your Life

5 Reasons Why Restorative Yoga Will Change Your Life

Yoga is a hot topic lately and for good reason – it offers so many benefits!  Keep reading to explore 5 reasons why restorative yoga will change your life.  That’s a pretty audacious statement, but, we believe it to be true!  We think you will too!


Life-Changing Reason #1:  Increased Flexibility

You never fully appreciate how much your body needs flexibility until you pull a muscle, experience a backache, or experience overall muscle soreness.  When any or all of that happens, it’s your body talking to you, telling you it needs to be stretched and lengthened.  That’s where restorative yoga comes in.  The goal of restorative yoga is not to see if you can touch your toes but rather to give your body the opportunity to lengthen and stretch, protecting you from future injuries.  It also helps to improve posture.


Life-Changing Reason #2:  It’s A Stress Buster

Through restorative yoga, you learn the areas of your body that harbor stress and tension.  Once you recognize these areas, you can adjust poses to help relieve tension pockets.  When you learn how to recognize and relieve these areas of your body through restorative yoga, you can reduce headaches, ease tense muscles, and manage stress more effectively.


Life-Changing Reason #3:  Reduce Weight and Fat

Studies have shown that women practicing yoga have lost more weight than others who have stretched but not practiced yoga.  Practicing yoga has also been known to reduce cortisol levels in the body.  Cortisol is often blamed for anxiety, high blood pressure, and stroke just to name a few.


Life-Changing Reason #4:  It Boosts The Immune System (we can all use a little of that!)

Regularly practicing restorative yoga can help your body fight against colds, the flu, and other viruses by expelling toxins out of the body.


Life-Changing Reason #5:  It Quiets The Mind 

Restorative yoga helps to teach you how to quiet your mind and minimize stress through breathing, poses, and awareness.  In our fast-paced lives, we can all use a little mind quieting session.  Restorative yoga is the perfect place to start quieting your mind.


Are you ready to give restorative yoga a try?  Check out our class schedule by following this link: https://eastwesthealingsolutions.com/studio-schedule-calendar/ 

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