5 Lies About Yoga You May Be Telling Yourself

//5 Lies About Yoga You May Be Telling Yourself

5 Lies About Yoga You May Be Telling Yourself

Have you bought into the 5 lies about yoga you may be telling yourself? Don’t let these lies keep you off the mat! Instead, arm yourself with the truth about yoga!

THE LIE: You MUST be flexible to practice yoga.

THE TRUTH: You don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga. In fact, yoga is a great way to improve flexibility. Each pose offers variations and modifications to support individual flexibility allowing you to advance at your own pace.

THE LIE: Yoga is only for younger people.

THE TRUTH: Yoga is a fantastic, low-impact exercise that is easily enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels.

THE LIE: Yoga isn’t really a workout.

THE TRUTH: People often confuse yoga with meditation and relaxation. While that is part of a well-rounded yoga practice, it’s not the only aspect. Yoga is a type of exercise with many health benefits including improved flexibility, strength, and balance when practiced consistently.

THE LIE: Yoga is a religion or religious practice

THE TRUTH: The practice of yoga is not a religion. It does not worship deities. In fact, the word “yoga” means “union” and is intended for those who practice yoga to experience a connection between the mind and body.

THE LIE: Yoga is all about impossible poses

THE TRUTH: Yoga, just like every exercise offers various levels of difficulty. While it is intriguing to see images of pretzel-shaped yoga poses, that is not the norm. If you ever experience a class that includes intricate poses, rest assured there will be a modification of the pose you can try.

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