Your Questions About Practicing Yoga Answered!

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Your Questions About Practicing Yoga Answered!

Common questions about Yoga answered.

Yoga is one of the most popular types of fitness in existence today, with millions practicing on a regular basis. In addition to improving flexibility and burning calories, it’s a great way to relax, improve sleep, and lower stress.

Of course, there are many things that people don’t understand about yoga. When they’re first starting out, and that leads to a wide variety of questions. We could list dozens of frequently asked questions about yoga, but we’ve narrowed the list down to several of the most common.

“Can I Practice Yoga If I’m Not Very Flexible or In Shape?”

Due to the fact that yoga utilizes stretches and poses, many people are under the false impression that you already need to be flexible or in shape to begin practicing. The truth is that people across the country start practicing yoga every day who work out only moderately or haven’t worked out in years. This is why there are multiple levels of difficulty, so you can start out slow and get accustomed to easier poses before moving up to more advanced ones.

“Do Only Fit Models Do Yoga Like I See in Advertisements?”

When it comes to questions about yoga, one of the most common concerns the advertisements that you often see for yoga studios. These ads often include very fit models who are performing yoga, which can make newcomers a bit apprehensive. Many fitness centers, including yoga studios, are now utilizing models and even their own members who cover a wide range of body types, which is a great step forward. No matter who’s in the advertisements, however, be sure that every class will be a good mix of people.

“Can I Practice Yoga If I Have Serious Health Issues?”

There are yoga benefits for all types of practitioners, including those who suffer from moderate and even serious health issues. The best plan of action is to speak to a yoga instructor about your health issues. Whether it’s chronic pain, breathing difficulties, obesity, mobility restrictions, etc. – and figure out a personalized yoga routine. There are some poses that will benefit your specific health issues whereas other ones should be left out to avoid discomfort.

“Is It Safe for Me to Practice Yoga If I’m Pregnant?”

One of the other most popular questions about yoga comes from pregnant moms who are looking for a low-impact workout to help them stay in shape. Yoga is a great exercise when you’re pregnant, and there’s even Prenatal Yoga sessions that are customized for just this purpose. If you’re pregnant and want to practice yoga, you first want to consult with your gynecologist.

“Is It Safe for Me to Practice Yoga After Giving Birth?”

Although there’s been a lot of Internet chatter about women starting to work out immediately after giving birth, it’s recommended that you enjoy six weeks of recovery time (and more if you had a cesarean). To make it easier on you, there are also Postnatal Yoga sessions that will help you ease into it. Just like during your pregnancy, you should check with your doctor to determine when physical activity will be safest.

“Will a Yoga Teacher Touch Me During a Session?”

It’s no secret that there’s been a lot of talk in recent years about respecting the personal space of others. Keep in mind that in a yoga session, a yoga teacher may gently touch you during a pose to help you correct that pose. This can be very beneficial and makes learning poses a lot easier. But, if you’re not comfortable with being touched, let the yoga instructor know and he or she will use an alternative pose adjustment technique.

“Will Yoga Contradict Any of My Religious Beliefs?”

We decided to leave one of the best questions about yoga for last because this is something that’s discussed quite a bit. Due to yoga’s origins in India approximately 5000 years ago, many people are under the impression that yoga is a part of a religious belief. In some cases, you may have to prescribe to a certain religion to practice it.

The good news is that although yoga is sometimes mixed in with philosophies such as Hinduism or Buddhism, this isn’t something that yoga studios promote. Practicing yoga will not interfere or contradict any religion.

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