Yoga Classes for Beginners: Better to Practice at Home or in Class?

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Yoga Classes for Beginners: Better to Practice at Home or in Class?

How to Add Yoga Classes for Beginners to Your Schedule

Studies indicate that regular yoga sessions are associated with multiple health benefits, including lower amounts of stress and anxiety, less inflammation throughout the body, better sleep quality, and reduced pain levels. If yoga classes aren’t currently in your exercise regimen, now is a fantastic time to incorporate them into your fitness routine.

If you’re a yoga novice, you may wonder if you should attend yoga classes for beginners in person or try to learn yoga at home. While home-based yoga classes may seem convenient, there are definitive benefits to attending in-person Yoga classes.

You’ll Learn to Do the Poses Correctly

When exploring yoga for beginners, it’s important you learn how to do the poses correctly. When you do a pose incorrectly, you put yourself at risk of injury. If you get in the habit of doing a pose with bad form, you risk continuing to do more advanced poses with the same poor form.

While it might not seem like resting your weight in a different part of your body is a big deal, it changes which part of your body the pose stretches. To get the most benefit, you need to learn how to correctly align your body and distribute your weight.

You Can Ask for Suitable Modifications

One of the top benefits of yoga is that it’s possible to modify the poses so they’re better suited to your physical abilities and any limitations you have. When you go to yoga classes for beginners at a yoga studio, you have access to a yoga instructor who will assist you with adapting the poses. The studio will also have yoga accessories on-hand to assist with the modifications.

For example, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, poses like downward dog and planks might put too much stress on your wrist. Your yoga teacher may recommend you modify the positions by doing them on your elbows or knees. Or, they may suggest you use a yoga block if a pose feels uncomfortable.

You May Request Help with Your Breathing Technique

One portion of yoga classes for beginners many individuals struggle with is timing their breathing to the yoga poses. During in-person classes designed to teach yoga for beginners, your yoga teacher will monitor your breathing techniques to ensure that they’re properly timed to your poses. Not only does the correct breathing technique help you establish a stronger mind-body connection, but it promotes the release of stress and tension.

Your Teacher Will Help You Find the Best Yoga Style for Your Needs

When you go to a yoga studio, you’ll notice that there are multiple styles of yoga classes available. With so many options, you might not know which style you should try for your health and fitness goals.

A discussion with your yoga teacher will help you decide which style of yoga to explore. Flow classes consist of routines where you flow from one yoga pose to another; these sessions are excellent for promoting relaxation while increasing your overall energy levels. Your instructor can also adjust your flowing sequence to your capabilities.

Yoga studios also offer Ashtanga yoga sessions. This style of yoga incorporates a lot of arm and core movements that build strength, making it a top choice for individuals who want to tone their muscles or just get stronger. When coupled with a calorie deficit, it can also help attendees with their weight loss goals.

Bikram yoga is excellent for individuals who want to work up a good sweat and boost their flexibility. Also known as hot yoga, this style of yoga consists of classes held in rooms where the temperature exceeds 100 degrees.

Hatha yoga is one of the most popular yoga classes for beginners. It consists of static yoga poses and usually ends with a meditation session. Most classes are easily adapted to your abilities.

You’ll Have More Support When Attend a Yoga Class

Another reason to check out yoga studios is that you’ll typically have more support when you attend an in-person class. It takes an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become a habit. During this period, you’ll appreciate having support and encouragement.

This can motivate you to attend yoga classes for beginners when your schedule feels full or when you would rather go home and relax. Over time, you may make new friends and appreciate seeing a few friendly faces who have some of the same health and wellness goals as yourself.

Tips for Home-Based Yoga Classes

If you can’t make it to your yoga studio, here are some tips to follow to help you get the most from your home-based yoga session:

  • Remove any distractions. When you’re distracted, you’re more likely to use poor form or neglect to fully establish the mind-body connection.
  • Consider investing in some yoga accessories. A non-slip yoga mat will help you keep your footing, while a yoga block is a terrific item to have on hand to help you adapt poses to your abilities.
  • Check your pose by recording yourself. It’s hard to do a yoga pose and examine your form in a mirror. Instead, try recording yourself if you’re concerned that you’re arching your back or locking your knees.

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