The Advantages of Practicing Yoga in a Class Setting

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The Advantages of Practicing Yoga in a Class Setting

What are the advantages of practicing Yoga in a class setting?

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for many years or just started yesterday, you’re probably very aware of the benefits of yoga classes. However, perhaps you don’t really see too much of a difference between practicing yoga in a class setting and performing poses at home.

We’re very big supporters of practicing yoga whenever it’s most convenient because it’s such an enriching part of your life. But, today, we’re going to take a look at the advantages you’ll get from regular yoga practice in a class setting instead of in your own home.

Fewer Distractions

Although it’s definitely possible to create a peaceful environment in which to practice yoga at home, the truth is that distractions are commonplace. You could be distracted by family members, friends trying to get in touch with you, packages being delivered to your door, pets wanting to be let outside, and many other things. When you’re at a yoga studio, you’re much more insulated from these types of outward distractions.

Better Accountability

It’s no secret that having discipline when practicing yoga can be very difficult. It’s human nature to cut corners from time to time and do less than what we’re actually capable of. When you’re at home all alone, this is easy to do and no one will ever be the wiser. With a yoga instructor and other practitioners around you, however, you’ll have a much higher level of accountability.

Working with Others

People are always looking for workout buddies for a reason. When we exercise or do any type of task, we’re much more likely to push ourselves when there are other people involved. Having a room full of yoga practitioners can help you feel motivated and you can support each other by providing comfort and words of encouragement. This is a much more effective environment than sitting by yourself at home.

Pose Adjustment

Although it can be said we’re often our own worst critics, you could very well be performing a specific yoga pose incorrectly and not even realize it. Yoga teachers are always paying attention to every person in class and can help you make adjustments to your pose as needed. Plus, since they have experience with all types of yoga poses, you can always be sure their advice will help you achieve the best pose possible.

Injury Prevention

Practicing yoga gives you many benefits such as improving flexibility, building strength, and correcting poor posture. All of these things can work in conjunction with each other to help you prevent future injuries and ease the pain of past injuries. Moreover, a yoga instructor will understand which poses are most beneficial to prevent and soothe specific injuries that are of concern to you.

Reduce Stress Levels

The harsh truth is that today’s world is filled with stress and anxiety, and all of us are looking for some type of relief. A big part of yoga instruction is helping people relax and lower their stress levels. Since this is such a primary component of any yoga class, you can be sure that the instructor will choose poses that are best for targeting these issues.

Brighten Your Mood

There’s a lot to be said about filling yourself with positive energy. While this is something that you can do at home, it’s a lot harder to get enthused about any type of activity when you’re doing it by yourself. In a yoga class, you’re joined by an instructor and practitioners who are all there for the same thing. You’ll quickly discover that their energy level and enthusiasm can be quite contagious.

Helps with Weight Loss

Even though many people use yoga to relax and improve flexibility, any form of exercise can be beneficial when trying to deal with weight loss. In fact, it’s fair to say that every single yoga class will have several practitioners who are trying to burn calories as one of their primary goals. By surrounding yourself with these people, you’ll realize that you’re not alone and are more likely to push yourself and shed some pounds.

Benefits Heart Health

Practicing yoga benefits much of our bodies and minds, including the immune and nervous systems. However, the effect yoga classes have on your heart can be outstanding. Various yoga poses improve circulation and get your heart rate up, both of which are beneficial in improving heart health. If this is one of your goals, you can speak with a doctor and a yoga instructor about which poses would be best.

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