Top Reasons You Should Start Practicing Yoga…Today!

//Top Reasons You Should Start Practicing Yoga…Today!

Top Reasons You Should Start Practicing Yoga…Today!

There’s a reason why the age-old practice of yoga has thrived in our modern-day world. Yoga is a complete mind-body workout that has both physical and mental advantages, making it one of the most versatile ways to exercise.  Keep reading to learn the top reasons we think you should start practicing yoga today!


Relax and De-Stress

According to research, yoga may help to lower blood pressure and stress levels. It may even help those with more significant issues, like anxiety.  Yoga exercises like breathing and learning how to relax the muscles in your body can help you keep stress and anxiety at bay.


Yoga Can Reduce Pain

Have you ever had a day or two or three of a little neck pain here, backache there, and throw in a little knee pain for good measure?  Yoga may be able to help relieve that pain!  Our restorative yoga classes focus on poses and stretches to lengthen, strengthen, and support areas that are susceptible to pain.  In fact, practicing yoga on a regular basis may help protect against future injury. 


Get the Zzzzz’s Your Body Craves

Yoga teaches you how to quiet and relax the mind.  Learning relaxation techniques like these in class can help you improve your slumber at home.  They are easy to learn and easy to implement whenever you need to get a good night’s sleep.


BOOST Brain Function

When you practice yoga, your brain cells may form new connections, and may also change brain structure and function.  This is a good thing!  When this occurs, you may experience better cognitive functions such as learning and memory since yoga may enhance regions of the brain that are important for memory, attention, consciousness, cognition, and language.

Ready to hit the mat?  There are so many positive ways yoga can impact your health. Don’t miss out on them! View our schedule here:

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