5 Restorative Yoga Postures for Beginners

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5 Restorative Yoga Postures for Beginners

Restorative Yoga Postures for Beginners

The restorative powers of yoga for both the body and mind can’t be understated. With so many postures to choose from, you can work on everything from improving flexibility and reducing stress to losing weight and gaining strength. Since you may not know exactly where to begin, we’ve created a list of eight restorative yoga postures that are perfect for beginners:

Child’s pose

Start this pose in the tabletop position by sitting back on your heels, toes together and knees wide apart. Reach out and extend your fingertips until your chest is resting against the yoga mat. Start at the hips and stretch out your entire body all the way to your fingers. Stay in this pose for one to five minutes and make sure that you’re breathing properly.

Forward Fold

Start this pose by standing up straight and then stretching your arms upward toward the sky. Next, you’ll want to exhale while you hinge your body at the hips and fold your upper body forward. Bend at the knees as needed. Then, inhale while going into a half lift. Finally, exhale while lowering yourself back down. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

Seated Cat-Cow

Begin in a seated position with your legs crossed in front of you. After placing your hands upon your knees, inhale as you arch your back. As you arch, bring your chest forward and lift your gaze. Next, exhale as you round your back and contract your core, creating space in your spine. Repeat this pose for at least one minute.

Supine Goddess

Starting in a seated position, slowly lower your back to rest on the yoga mat. Let your knees fall open while the soles of your feet are positioned together to form a diamond shape with your legs. Rest in this position for between one and five minutes.

Pigeon Pose

Starting at the downward dog position, stretch your right foot toward the sky. Next, bend your knee so that it’s in line with your right arm. Then, move you’re right foot to the left side, allowing your shin to rest upon the floor.

From there, move your rear leg to the mat while lifting your chest. Hold this position for one breath, then slowly lower your torso to the floor so that it folds over your right leg. Finally, let your torso fall over your front leg. Keep this position for one to five minutes, then repeat for the opposite side.

Puppy Pose

Starting in either the child’s pose or tabletop hose, bring your knees together and walk your fingertips forward until your chest is against the yoga mat. Next, lift your hips toward the sky, which will open your chest and bend your back. Stay in this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

Seated Twist

Begin in a seated position with your legs out straight. Next, move your right foot into your left thigh, then cross your left leg over the right. When done correctly, this will place your left ankle on the outside of your right knee.

With your sitz bones (bottom part of the pelvis) against the mat, sit up straight and all. Then, stretch your arms toward the sky while inhaling. Next, place your left arm on the mat behind you and your right hand on your left knee. Breathe in deeply. As you exhale, twist your body from the bottom to the top while you gaze over your left shoulder. Stay in this position up to 30 seconds, return to the center, and then repeat for the opposite side.

Corpse Pose

Start by laying on your back, heels together and toes apart. Bring your arms up next to you with your palms face-up. Shut your eyes, allowing your body to relax while breathing in and out normally. You can hold this position for as long as you’d like.

How Yoga Restores Your Body and Mind

These are some of the most popular restorative yoga postures that are perfect for beginners, but there are plenty more. All yoga poses, in fact, have some sort of restorative capability, though some are more difficult than others.

Here are a few ways that these poses are so great at restoring your body and mind:

  • Reduces Stress Level — Restorative yoga postures offer deep relaxation methods that release tension in your entire body. This relaxation allows you to clear your mind and reduce significantly reduce your level of stress.
  • Enhances Your Mood — Every form of exercise activates endorphins and makes you feel happier and more alive. After a yoga session, you’re likely to feel better than when you started.
  • Reduces Chronic Pain — Yoga has proven to effectively target your muscles and joints in such a way that you can reduce chronic pain. It can also be used to target pain caused by an accident and injury so you can get back to normal more quickly.
  • Improves Your Sleep — These days, millions of people suffer from a lack of sleep and even insomnia. Since restorative yoga postures allow you to relax and reduce stress, you’ll find that you’re sleeping easier and more deeply than before.
  • Encourages Weight Loss — Any form of exercise is a great way to improve cardio function and lose weight. Even at a beginner’s level, yoga practitioners can burn hundreds of calories per hour.
  • Strengthens Your Muscles — Although many people don’t think of yoga as strength training, every pose actively engages the muscles to a certain degree. Since you’re basically using your own weight for balance and posing, this will strengthen your muscles.

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