What Are Some of the Benefits of Yoga for Men?

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What Are Some of the Benefits of Yoga for Men?

How yoga for men is a great practice to benefit your health.

Yoga movements are controlled to improve alignment and use biomechanics with your breathing to open your body more efficiently while minimizing the risk of injury. Alignment and safety are the main priorities in yoga. Men seek the help of healing instructors in a wellness studio to deal with injuries and the pain as a result of those injuries.

Men have been using yoga movements to deal with injuries they’ve suffered in their back, joints, and knees and by joining a yoga studio you too can find relief for body aches. The poses you will use are specifically designed to strengthen and open your body to make you more flexible and light. You will find yoga can make you stronger than any other exercise, without damaging your body further.

Yoga Benefits Men

You don’t have to own a pair of leggings and work with a pink mat to experience the benefits of yoga. Males looking for a natural way to alleviate stress, loosen muscles that have tightened, increase flexibility, help ease the pain in joints and muscles, can benefit from yoga for men.

How Yoga can Benefit Men

By using the combination of postures, performing the different breathing exercises, and using meditation in a yoga class, you will experience these benefits:

  • Improve your cardiovascular health
  • Improve your brain function
  • Reduce your overeating by improving your food cravings
  • Sculpt your muscles
  • Boost your immunity
  • Relieve your stress
  • Keep your joints healthy
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Prevent injuries in your workplace
  • Improve your digestion

There are other health benefits of yoga for men.

Yoga for Men can Improve Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Cancer causes physical and emotional fatigue, and there are decades of research to prove that yoga can help reduce these symptoms. Research has shown men receiving treatment for prostate cancer who perform yoga are reporting fewer sexual side effects, less fatigue, and an improved urinary function.

The principal investigator in the study, Dr. Neha Vapiwala, states the data is very convincing, showing the link between improving prostate cancer symptoms by performing yoga exercises. The exercises the men in the study performed focused on holding and maintaining poses. These poses are possible for all body types and experience levels and allow for hands-on instructions from healing instructors.

The men in the study stated their symptoms stabilized and improved over time when they completed yoga for men. Those in the study who did not perform the yoga exercises said their symptoms were getting worse over the time period. Dr. Vapiwala believes yoga improves erectile and urinary function as it strengthens core muscles and improves the men blood flow.

Benefits of Yoga Include Cardiovascular Improvement

Studies have also been conducted to show the positive effect yoga has on men’s cardiovascular risk factors. Yoga for men can lower your blood pressure if you’re suffering from hypertension. It is believed these exercises can restore your baroreceptor sensitivity to help your body recognize any imbalances in your blood pressure and help to maintain a correct balance.

Contact East West Healing Solutions for Yoga in Palm Harbor

Yoga for men is a compassionate, safe, effective and natural solution for you to find relief from your pain and regain your strength. Start today to create a better you for tomorrow, contact East West Healing Solutions at 727-239-4971 to improve your quality of life.

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