The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Yoga Classes & Poses

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The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Yoga Classes & Poses

What are some of your questions about Yoga classes?

If you’re thinking about adding yoga to your New Year’s resolutions and health goals, you’re not alone. A recent study by the CDC showed that more than 14 percent of American adults practiced yoga in 2017. In addition, yoga classes rose to #7 in fitness trends last year.

Getting started with a new fitness regime like yoga can seem intimidating. However, yoga is all about your body and go at your pace. We all have to start as a beginner at some point.
Here are some of the most common questions about yoga classes and poses:

What is yoga?

Many people have questions about yoga. Is yoga a religious philosophy, a spiritual element, or a form of exercise? In essence, yoga includes all of those elements. Simply put, it’s a group of poses that stretch a different part of our body and increase our flexibility. These poses are performed deliberately, with an emphasis on careful breathing so there is a spiritual cleansing aspect to it.

Why should I begin practicing yoga?

Yoga includes several benefits, and it’s different for everyone. That’s because yoga is so much more than simple exercise. Some people use it as a stress reliever, while others use it to loosen tension in their muscles. These are some of the top benefits of yoga:

  • Improved physical fitness, including balance and flexibility
  • Manage and reduce conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, and depression.
  • Improve your overall mood, lessening your stress.

Where is the best place to take my first yoga class?

If it’s your first class, look for a local yoga wellness studio versus a class at a fitness center. These studios often cater to beginners and people with common pain ailments. These healing instructors are highly trained and able to offer better instruction. Start with a beginner class in gentle yoga, where you can learn and hold passive poses.

Should I eat before or after class?

While it’s your preference how much you fuel up before a work-out, you want to keep it light before yoga. Try a protein shake or a banana if you need electrolytes around 30 minutes before class. Hydration is imperative too so drink some water before class and bring a water bottle with you. After your yoga class, wait around 30 minutes and then eat a light snack of protein and complex carbs.

What should I wear to class?

Wear something that’s comfortable and form-fitting. Most importantly, you should be able to move easily and the material should absorb sweat quickly. Most people opt for yoga pants or leggings and a light t-shirt and, for women, a supportive sports bra. Don’t stress about shoes as you’ll be doing poses barefoot.

Bring your water bottle and a small towel with you to wipe down the sweat. If you have a yoga mat, bring that too.

What style of yoga is best for me?

  • Hathe- Hathe yoga combines elements of posture, flexibility, and strength to prepare you for meditation. It’s a gentle style of yoga.
  • Iynegar- This style is ideal for beginners because it’s slow-paced and detail-oriented and uses many props to help learn poses.
  • Power Yoga- Power yoga is a vigorous vinyasa-style where each pose is followed by a breath.

What poses are important for beginners to learn?

These poses will help you begin practicing yoga:

  • Child’s Pose- This is a good resting pose as it stretches out your spine and hips. Lower your buttocks on your heels to give your torso a stretch. Your head rests on the mat.
  • Downward Dog- Downward dog puts you in an inverted triangle and tones and strengthens both your arms and legs.
  • Tree Pose- The Tree pose improves your core strength and balance by having you stand on one foot with the other turned into the inner thigh. Most people do praying hands with it.

What is the proper etiquette for yoga classes?

Arrive early since this gives you time to introduce yourself to the instructor and gather any equipment they’ll be using that day. Leave your phone outside the yoga studio in the designated cubbies since yoga is supposed to be a quiet, meditating experience. It’s as important to stay to the end as it’s best to arrive early to minimize distractions.

If you’re new, take note of how the yoga mats are arranged in the class and follow the pattern of the rows. Continue to adjust your mat as the class fills up if more space is needed.

Begin Yoga Classes at East West Healing Solutions

East West Healing Solutions offers yoga in Palm Harbor. We have a variety of group and private classes available to beginners and experienced yogis. Besides yoga, we offer other healing services such as Vibrational Lymphatic Therapy and massages. View our yoga calendar and call us at (727) 216-3972 with any other questions about yoga.

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