Yoga Can Help You Improve Your Flexibility and MORE!

//Yoga Can Help You Improve Your Flexibility and MORE!

Yoga Can Help You Improve Your Flexibility and MORE!

Flexibility is an important part of your overall health.  The more flexible we are as we age, the more mobile we will be!  Not only that, flexibility can help to reduce overall soreness, prevent future injury, it improve mobility, posture, and it may increase your range of motion as well as the ability for you to improve the performance of certain tasks.  Interested in learning more? Read on!


Yoga is a fun, low impact way to help you improve your flexibility.  Through the practice of yoga, your body, muscles, and ligaments begin to become more flexible and less tight.   With each yoga pose, you have the opportunity to modify the pose depending on your abilities. That’s what makes yoga so unique.  You can make the poses as challenging as you need them to be in order to build the strength and flexibility you desire.


When taking a yoga class, it is important to pay attention to the limitations of your own body.  Each person is unique. Always ask your instructor for modifications so that you get the most out of each pose for your body.   East West Healing Solutions encourages the use of bolsters to help support your body when needed. After some time of consistent yoga practice, you will notice and appreciate the improvements your body is making in its flexibility and strength levels.  Other things you may begin to notice is your ability to relax, reduce stress, improved balance, increased muscle tone, better and deeper breathing, as well as improved energy and vitality.

Again, yoga is a low impact, enjoyable form of exercise that most anyone can participate in.  If you are ready to give it a try, follow this link to view our class schedule:

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