Learn Tai Chi: What are the Benefits of Tai Chi Classes?

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Learn Tai Chi: What are the Benefits of Tai Chi Classes?

Approximately 33 percent of people state that they live with extreme stress, while a whopping 77 percent report that stress causes physical symptoms. One way to reduce the impact of stress is to learn tai chi.

Why You Should Learn Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese art that combines mindfulness with controlled movements and breathing. The goal of tai chi is to encourage energy to flow freely while integrating the mind and body. Check out a few of the benefits of tai chi classes.

  1. Tai Chi Classes Help You Quickly Learn the Movements

Though it’s possible to learn tai chi using videos or a guidebook, tai chi classes will help you master the movements as quickly as possible. During your tai chi classes, a trained instructor will model the positions and breathing techniques for you.

Though the positions and breathing exercises during your classes aren’t difficult, you’ll get the most benefits from your sessions and minimize your risk of injury when you do them correctly. Once you learn tai chi and master some basic positions, you can do exercises at home or work to better assist with stress management.

A Tai Chi Instructor Can Suggest Modifications

One of the top reasons to learn tai chi is that you can adjust the movements if you’ve had previous injuries, have a chronic condition, or if you have balance and coordination problems. Throughout your tai chi classes, your instructor will be there to help you adjust your tai chi positions so that they’re right for your body’s capabilities. It’s tricky to make these modifications on your own, especially if you’re new to tai chi.

Tai Chi Classes are Beneficial for Multiple Facets of Your Health

While tai chi classes are effective at reducing the effects of stress, tai chi has numerous other physical and mental benefits. After you learn tai chi, regular tai chi sessions are associated with the following:

  • Better aerobic capacity
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Better muscle definition
  • Less frequent occurrences of anxiety and depression

These positive changes mean can improve conditions like high blood pressure and chronic pain. You can combine your tai chi classes with supplements and other products from the East West Healing Solutions Store to maximize the changes to your health and nutrition.

Tai Chi is a Low Impact Exercise

Low impact exercise is beneficial for multiple reasons. It’s a terrific form of activity for anyone who’s ever suffered an injury or experiences chronic pain. Even if you’ve never been injured, low impact exercise like tai chi is an effective way to realize the benefits of leading a more active lifestyle.

Some individuals prefer low impact exercise, and low impact activities (such as tai chi) are associated with better cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health. Healing instructors often recommend low impact activities due to the lower risk of injury.

You Don’t Need Any Equipment to Learn Tai Chi

When you show up at your tai chi class, you don’t have to worry about lugging a lot of bulky equipment for tai chi. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and clothing that you can freely move in. Some individuals chose to practice barefoot, but this is a personal preference.

It’s Possible to Learn Tai Chi Along with Other Activities

Should you already have some type of exercise routine or prefer a little variety, tai chi is an excellent alternative to do with other activities. Once you learn tai chi, you might alternate a tai chi class with your Palm Harbor yoga classes to challenge your body and implement a mix of strength and flexibility exercises.

Contact East West Healing Solutions for Tai Chi Classes in Palm Harbor

Have more questions about our healing services or want to learn tai chi? Contact East West Healing Solutions today! Our Tai Chi instructor has years of experience practicing. He will guide you through your Tai Chi classes and ensure you’re comfortable and engaged in each activity in the classes.

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