Introductory Class on Tai Chi & Qi Gong

/Introductory Class on Tai Chi & Qi Gong
Introductory Class on Tai Chi & Qi Gong 2017-09-20T14:47:23+00:00

East West Healing Solutions

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino
Introductory Class on Tai Chi & Qi Gong
Location: East West Healing Solutions
34876 US Hwy 19 N. Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Learn from Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino the real roots of Tai Chi & Chinese Qi Gong to invigorate the organs and release the five evils emotions.

You will have access to Chinese characters, breathing techniques, and a fundamental introduction to “Healing the Emotions with the Theory of the Five Elements and Tai Chi of the Eight Immortal Taoist.” Tai Chi of the Eight Immortal Taoist passed directly from the Hidden Immortal Lineage (Wudang) to Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino.

Master Shifu Orlando will be offering a free introductory class in this highly respected, esoteric form of Tai Chi with origins in the Mountain Emei (China). Master Shifu Orlando is a professional, martial artist with more than 40 years of training in Chinese Martial Arts. He lived and studied in a Buddhist Temple Tian-Tan (Temple of the Heaven) in the Chinese Hakka Community of his country Lima. Peru.

He studied the Chinese Martial Arts C’huan- Fa (Five animals) and White Crane Qi Gong, Buddhist Philosophy; Meditative Arts and Oriental Healing methods under the direction of the Honorable Master Yin Lung Tsa. Shifu Orlando also studied under his Taoist mentor Master Lau Laos: “Yijinji Science,” “Five Elements Principles,” “Cha Dao” – The Way of Tea, and “Taoist Qigong.”

Master Shifu has been teaching for over 15 years in America. He is the kind of teacher who guides by example and compassion. His life’s work is to respond to the need for humans to know themselves better while finding peace and balance in our busy, hectic lives. His teaching and practice are for everyone to explore. He will show attendees that we are already perfect and complete. He explains we have not been cast adrift in the Universe. Everything we need is easily found within us.

Over the years Shifu Schiaffino continued to train and expand his Qi Gong knowledge under the best Qi Gong mentors: Master Zhao Jiang, Master Li Wang, and Master Zhongxian Wu (Taoist Shamanic Qi Gong Fu Lu).

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