5 Hidden Benefits of Yoga

//5 Hidden Benefits of Yoga

5 Hidden Benefits of Yoga

We have all heard how beneficial yoga is for your body and spirit.  But, we bet you didn’t know about these 5 hidden benefits of yoga!  Spoiler alert, hidden benefit number 3 may encourage you to try yoga sooner rather than later!  Keep reading to explore what they are:


Hidden Benefit #1: Yoga Can Help Conquer Cravings

When you practice yoga you train yourself to breathe, improve mindfulness, reduce and manage stress.  Cravings can be a stress response.  When you learn to manage your stress through yoga, you are more likely to conquer cravings better than those who do not practice yoga.


Hidden Benefit #2:  Yoga Can BOOST Your Immunity

Who doesn’t need more immunity boosters?  Especially during these times!  According to a study done by the University of Oslo, your genes begin to change within 2 hours of practicing yoga.  In fact, yoga can stimulate 111 genes that help to regulate your immune system.  Other low-impact or relaxing activities like walking or listening to music only impacts 38 genes.


Hidden Benefit #3: Yoga May Improve Things In The Bedroom

According to one study, women who practiced yoga for 12 weeks noticed increased desire, arousal, and satisfaction.


Hidden Benefit #4:  Yoga Can Make Migraines Less Frequent

One study suggests practicing yoga for 3 months can lead to fewer, less frequent, and less painful headaches. 


Hidden Benefit #5:  Yoga Can Help You Sleep Better

A Harvard study showed that those who practiced yoga daily for eight weeks experienced fewer insomnia episodes and experienced an improved quality of sleep.

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