You, Yoga, and Your Spine Health

//You, Yoga, and Your Spine Health

You, Yoga, and Your Spine Health

We all know yoga has many benefits.  Everything from increased flexibility to stress reduction and everything in between.  It’s the “in-between” that gets us excited!  There are some exciting benefits your back and spine can enjoy.  In this blog post “You, Yoga, and Your Spine Health” we will share four of our favorites!


Let’s Dive In!



The muscular network of the spine includes back and abdominal muscles, which assist the body to maintain normal, upright posture and movement.  Many of the poses in yoga are designed to gradually develop strength in the back and abdominal muscles to support the spine. Back discomfort can be considerably lessened or prevented when these muscles are well-conditioned.  Yoga is the perfect low-impact exercise to help achieve this.



Yoga postures are designed to help strengthen the body. Improved posture and balance can develop through consistent practice especially when the head, shoulders, and pelvis are in perfect alignment. Yoga also helps stretch and strengthen both sides of the body equally, unlike many other types of exercise.  All of this can result in better posture.



Yoga is typically more effective than isolated stretching since it integrates muscles from all throughout your body.  Yoga can also encourage you to stretch beyond your normal range of motion and help to improve it. Those who suffer from hamstring tightness and lower back discomfort can experience relief and improved range of motion through consistent yoga practice.  Overall, a low-impact exercise like yoga focus on stretching the entire body which can improve overall flexibility.  Improved flexibility may lower the risk of future injuries and discomfort.



Balance refers to how strong, flexible, and mindful you are. Yoga is an excellent technique to strengthen your body’s connection to yourself and educate your muscles on how to stay steady in various poses. Consistent yoga practice can assist you in becoming more nimble and avoiding injury.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits, are you ready to improve your back and spine health?  Join us on the mat!  Our full yoga class schedule can be found by clicking HERE or calling us at (727) 216-3972.

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