The Most Beneficial Yoga Poses For Improved Health

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The Most Beneficial Yoga Poses For Improved Health

Beneficial Yoga Poses that will improve your health.

Why Yoga has Grown So Popular

Meditation and yoga are both ancient practices, but the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) now sees yoga as a popular alternative health practice in the United States. This rapid growth in popularity could be linked to the frequent use of prescription painkillers everyone is becoming afraid to take.

A study performed by the San Diego VA showed rather than taking so many painkiller medications, patients would be better served to join in yoga therapy. Those they have seen performing yoga twice-a-week over six months reported a significant drop in back pain. The Department of Veterans Affairs has since begun weaning members off medications such as fentanyl and hydrocodone and enrolling them in yoga.

Which Yoga Poses Provide the Most Benefits?

Yoga has been proven to help you sleep better and even reduces the number of colds you will come down with. It makes you feel more relaxed and can put you at ease by reducing stress levels. You will experience an improvement in your aches and pains, overall health, and keep sickness at bay.

These are some of the yoga poses that will benefit your health if you are brand new to the world of yoga:

  • Mountain Pose – This will provide you a sense of how to ground and feel the earth below you. Mountain yoga poses might look and feel simple, but they provide you with a ton of benefits. You begin by standing with feet together and pressing down on all ten toes as spread them opened and closed. With your quadriceps, lift your kneecaps through the inner thighs. Bring your abdominals in and up as you bring your chest up and press the tops of the shoulders down.
  • Downward Dog is used in a lot of yoga studios in Palm Harbor as it stretches and strengthens your entire body. You perform these yoga poses by starting on hands and feet both touching the floor, tuck your toes under and begin lifting your hips off the floor as you bring them back towards your heels. With your knees slightly bent if you cannot straighten out your legs from this position. Slowly walk your hands forward, while pressing your palms and rotating your inner elbows towards each other.

Other beneficial yoga poses for your health include the plank which will teach you how to balance, the triangle which will open up the lungs and strengthen your legs. There is also the seated forward bend to stretch your hamstrings, lower and upper back as well as your sides.

Contact East West Healing Solutions for More Information on Yoga Poses

Contact the yoga instructors at East West Healing Solutions to learn more about how yoga will benefit your health and which poses will work best for your conditions. Contact us today at 727-216-3972 and discuss which of the best health care yoga poses will relieve your pain and improve your wellbeing.

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