Yoga Can Help In Your Fight Against Insomnia

//Yoga Can Help In Your Fight Against Insomnia

Yoga Can Help In Your Fight Against Insomnia

Do you ever have those nights were you end up tossing and turning, staring and the ceiling, and watch the clock tick away minute by minute.  The next morning you are tired, sluggish, unmotivated, and irritable. It’s no way to live! Did you know that yoga can help in your fight against Insomnia?  It’s true! This fun, relaxing exercise can help you settle the tossing and turning you may feel due to insomnia. 


Ready to learn how this works?  Read on!


Yoga Is A Stress Reducer

Stress plays a BIG part when it comes to insomnia.  As you go to sleep at night and you try to push the stress of the day away…it’s always there.  Even though you may not be concentrating on the stress, it’s embedded in places like your shoulders, the clenching of your jaw, and the tenseness of your back.  When you practice yoga on a regular basis, it helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. When cortisol is lowered, stress is lowered and when that happens, it’s easier for you to fall asleep.


Yoga Helps To Regulate Your Nervous System

Insomnia can be due to heightened arousal as a result of stress.  If you experienced stress earlier in the day or at any part of the day for that matter, your body feels it and may be hypersensitive to it causing you to toss and turn later on in bed.  Yoga helps to calm down that heightened level of arousal, allowing your body to relax when it needs to and drift off to sleep.



Our bodies need them.  Routines help us to send signals to our body to help us prepare for what will happen next.  When you add yoga to your evening routine, your body begins to instinctively prepare for relaxation which can then promote sleep.



Drifting off and falling to sleep is important.  But the quality of sleep you get is just as important.  Did you know yoga can play a BIG role in the quality of sleep you are getting?  One study who compared the quality of sleep of people who practiced yoga and those who did not showed that those who practiced yoga tended to drift off to sleep faster, minimized the amount of times they woke during the night, and if they did wake, those who practiced yoga fell back to sleep quicker than those that didn’t.


Now that you have a good understanding as to how yoga can impact your sleep, it’s time to get involved!  Join one of our classes and start getting a handle on your sleep! Follow this link to get involved today:

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