Anxiety, Depression, Yoga, and YOU!

//Anxiety, Depression, Yoga, and YOU!

Anxiety, Depression, Yoga, and YOU!

It may feel like a pounding heart, cold sweat, mind fog/confusion, shaking hands or maybe low energy, lack of motivation, lack of concentration, inability to find pleasure in what you once did.  No matter what anxiety and depression looks like for you, it’s important to do what you can to get yourself feeling more like you again. Yoga may be the natural resource you are looking for. In this post, Anxiety, Depression, Yoga, and YOU! – we will share with you how yoga can help and the benefits you can experience as a result.


When you build yoga into your weekly routine, you may begin to notice the following changes taking place:

  • The impact of stress may begin to reduce
  • Anxiety and depression lessens
  • You may learn how to self-soothe through the relaxing properties of yoga like meditation, relaxation, and exercise
  • Your energy may begin to improve 


All of these changes taking place over time can dramatically improve your overall health and well-being allowing you to manage anxiety and depression before they become all-consuming. 


Great news!  Yoga can also help with other conditions and improve things like:

  • low back pain
  • chronic or long-term pain
  • reduce resting heart rate
  • lower blood pressure
  • ease breathing
  • increase pain tolerance

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