5 Things Every Yoga Beginner Thinks About But Never Asks About

//5 Things Every Yoga Beginner Thinks About But Never Asks About

5 Things Every Yoga Beginner Thinks About But Never Asks About

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve been thinking about trying out a yoga class but you have questions.  Great news!  We are here to answer them!  Keep reading to learn the 5 things every yoga beginner thinks about but never asks.


Is Yoga A Good Workout?

It probably seems like every picture (or emoji) you see is someone sitting on a yoga mat with their legs crossed and their eyes closed not doing much.  Yoga is much more than that!  Through various poses, you are encouraged to stretch, lengthen, and strengthen your body.  Although the images you may see don’t seem strenuous, you are doing a great workout for your entire body.


What if I Can’t Do the Poses?

This is a really good question!  The best thing about yoga is, every pose can be modified.  As you continue to practice yoga, your strength and flexibility improve.  Over time, you will be amazed at how far your body has come since your first yoga class.  It’s important to know that yoga isn’t a competition but rather a practice for you to grow from whether that be growing in strength, flexibility, focus, or mindfulness.


But, What If I’m Not Flexible?

That’s ok!  The purpose of yoga is to develop your flexibility among other areas of your physical fitness.  Imagine going to a golf or tennis lesson expecting to have a perfect swing.  That would be crazy.  The whole purpose of those lessons is to develop the perfect swing.  Try to think that way about yoga.  You are taking lessons to learn beneficial poses to help your body become stronger and more flexible.


Should Avoid Eating Before Class?

Much like any other sport, it is not recommended to come to class with a full stomach.  Try to eat two hours before.  If you need a small snack prior to class, choose something light 30-minutes prior to class.  Breathing, stretching, and twisting will be much easier, and feel more comfortable on an empty stomach.


What Should I Bring With Me To Yoga Class?

This is a great question!  The most common things needed in a basic yoga class is a yoga mat and possibly a blanket or towel.  No special shoes or socks needed.  Your yoga practice will be done barefooted and your exercises will take place on the mat. A towel or blanket may be used as a prop to elevate your hips when sitting, support your legs, or your head.  Another thing you may want to consider bringing with you is a bottle of water to drink after class.  


Yoga may look intimidating when you see pictures but it really isn’t, especially since everything in class can be modified to fit what works best for you!


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