5 Facts Nobody Told You About Yoga! (but you wish they did!)

//5 Facts Nobody Told You About Yoga! (but you wish they did!)

5 Facts Nobody Told You About Yoga! (but you wish they did!)

We love dropping facts, tips, and information about yoga.  We believe the more you know about yoga, the more you will get out of it.  In this post, we share 5 facts nobody told you about yoga, but you wish they did!


Let’s Dive In!



There is a reason why they call it “yoga practice.” There is no ultimate goal in yoga; no big “big game,” no precise goal for which you are preparing. In fact, it’s a continual process where you are constantly striving to improve.  The more you “practice” the more flexible, toned, and stronger you become.


FACT 2: 

Yoga is more than stretching and flexibility.  While you will do a lot of stretching and improve your flexibility, there is more to yoga than that.  You will also learn how to manage stress and welcome calmness, improve strength, balance, and muscle tone as well as improve focus.


FACT 3: 

Using props is encouraged.  Some may see props as a pose modification but instead, they help to deepen the pose – allowing you to get the most benefit out of the pose.


FACT 4: 

There are more benefits than what you experience on the mat.  As you practice yoga more and more, you may find that you are able to handle stress better, your focus has improved, and you may sleep better too!



Yoga is for everyone!  Since it is low-impact and there are modifications for virtually every pose, anyone at any age or fitness level can participate in yoga.

Make this year the year you commit to practicing yoga on a consistent basis.  Visit our class schedule here: https://eastwesthealingsolutions.com/studio-schedule-calendar/

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