4 Ways Restorative Yoga Can Be Life Changing!

//4 Ways Restorative Yoga Can Be Life Changing!

4 Ways Restorative Yoga Can Be Life Changing!

There are many types of yoga.  Restorative yoga holds a special place in our hearts because of all the good it can do for you and your body!  Keep reading to find out the 4 ways restorative yoga can be life changing.


Reason #1:  Deeply relaxes the mind and body

Restorative yoga focuses on slowing down the mind and the body to promote deep relaxation.  When you can bring your body into a deep, relaxed state, magical things happen.  You will:

  • Slow your heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Slow your breathing rate
  • And even improve your digestion


Reason #2:  Releases muscular tension, improving mobility and flexibility

Once you have entered deep relaxation through restorative yoga, muscle tension begins to ease which then promotes better mobility and flexibility.  With better flexibility and mobility, your exposure to injury and pulled muscles are reduced.


Reason #3:  Balances the nervous system

Restorative yoga is an incredible way to ward off stress! It tends to down-regulate the sympathetic nervous system and up-regulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest, digestion, energy conservation and slowing the heart rate.  All of this creates balance in our bodies.


Reason #4: Boosts the immune system

One of the main benefits of yoga is its ability to lower stress.  When stress is lowered, stress hormones are also lowered.  When stress hormones are lowered that means there is less of a chance that the immune system can be compromised.  Yoga can also condition the lungs and respiratory tract which stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to expel toxins from the body and it brings oxygenated blood to various organs in the body.  This also helps the organs perform at optimal functioning.


We think those are pretty awesome reasons to embrace restorative yoga!  Restorative yoga is easy to do and easy on your body – it uses props so that your body is completely supported at all times.

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