How Yoga Changes Your Body: 4 Results You Will LOVE

//How Yoga Changes Your Body: 4 Results You Will LOVE

How Yoga Changes Your Body: 4 Results You Will LOVE

If you have been visiting our blog for any amount of time, you know we LOVE talking about the benefits of yoga.  There are SO many!  What we find extremely exciting is how yoga changes your body.  Keep reading for 4 results we know you will love!


Let’s dive in!


Improves Mobility

Many believe that flexibility and mobility are the same.  They are actually quite different.  Yoga can help make your body more flexible which involves lengthening the muscles.  Mobility is focused more on your joints and how you are able to move your body.  Examples of this are how you are able to bend to pick things up or how easy or difficult it is for you to go from a seated position to a standing position.


Improves Posture

When you have good posture, it means your muscles are toned and strong enough to support your body, organs, and skeletal frame properly.  When all of these areas of your body are engaged properly, you can experience improved digestion, organ performance, as well as less stress and wear and tear on your joints.  Yoga is the perfect low-impact exercise to help you tone and strengthen your muscles resulting in improved posture.


Improves Cognition & Focus

Did you know that your brain structure can literally change when practicing yoga?  It can change both in the short term and in the long term.  In the short term, after practicing yoga, you can experience increased focus and in the long term, you can experience better memory, your ability to make decisions improve, and your brain can work at faster speeds. 


Tones the Body & Helps you Lose Weight

A popular result of yoga is the fact that it can help you tone your body and lose weight.  As you tone up and build muscle, you will begin to notice your clothes fitting differently.  It may even feel like the changes in your body are happening effortlessly because yoga is so enjoyable, relaxing, and FUN!


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