5 Reasons Why Yoga Should Be A Part Of Your Exercise Routine in 2020

//5 Reasons Why Yoga Should Be A Part Of Your Exercise Routine in 2020

5 Reasons Why Yoga Should Be A Part Of Your Exercise Routine in 2020

What does your exercise routine look like this year?  Does it include yoga? If not, it might by the end of this blog post.  Today, we are sharing 5 reasons why yoga should be a part of your exercise routine in 2020.


Helps With Anxiety

If there is one benefit people LOVE about yoga, it’s the fact that it helps with anxiety by calming the mind and teaching people how to relax.  Through yoga, many have learned techniques they can use when they begin to feel anxious.


Releases Tension

Similar to anxiety reduction, many are able to release tension.  We hold tension in many areas of our bodies without even realizing it.  Take a moment, close your eyes and take inventory of how your body feels right now.  Is your jaw clenched? Are your shoulders tight and scrunched? And those are the obvious places!  When you practice yoga, you begin to recognize what tension looks and feels like and how to release it.



Through the practice of yoga, you will learn to be more aware of your body, how it’s feeling, the impact your thoughts and mind have on how your body feels.  Once you are aware, you can make tweaks and changes to improve.



Participating in a yoga class on a regular and consistent basis has LOTS of benefits.  One of the benefits that may not be initially apparent is community. After a few classes, you will begin to make friends and connect with the people around you.  Being a part of a community who is like minded is not only satisfying but fun too! 



Another fantastic benefit of yoga is an increase in productivity!  Through regular and consistent practice, you begin to learn how to focus.  Increased focus leads to increased productivity!

We hope through this blog post that we have convinced you to explore yoga.  Stop by and participate in one of our classes. Our yoga schedule can be found by clicking HERE.

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