5 Life-Changing Health Benefits You Can Experience by Practicing Yoga

//5 Life-Changing Health Benefits You Can Experience by Practicing Yoga

5 Life-Changing Health Benefits You Can Experience by Practicing Yoga

It’s safe to say, many of us want to improve our health so we can live longer, enjoy life, and experience the highest quality of life possible.  Yoga can help you achieve those goals.  Keep reading because we are going to share 5 life-changing health benefits you can experience by practicing yoga.



We hear that flexibility is important for our bodies and that yoga can help us achieve greater flexibility.  Why is this so?  When we are flexible, it means our muscles are lengthened and stretched.  As a result of this, we can experience improved balance, mobility, posture, muscle coordination, more range of motion and we can prevent injuries especially to our backs. 


Improved Posture

Wouldn’t it be great to reverse your bad posture?  Yoga can help you achieve this goal.  Through the many yoga poses available, your muscles become strengthened and lengthened which results in you standing (and sitting) taller versus hunched over.  A hunched-over posture can result in a rounded upper back which leads to upper back stiffness, soreness, and neck tension.


Improvements to Your Heart, Lymphatic System, and Mental Health

We like lumping these three areas of the body together when we talk about the health benefits of yoga because they build upon each other.  Here’s how…yoga does wonders for the heart because it lowers the heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and tension.  Combine that with a few twists here and there and your lymphatic system goes to work, draining toxins from your body.  The end result is an improved sense of well-being which leads to better mental health including the ability to focus, reduce stress, and control breathing.  


Promotes Positive Hip Hinge Movement

This may be a movement pattern you don’t think much about or even take for granted.  It’s essential to keep your hips flexible versus stiff for improved mobility.


Strength Training 

Strong muscles support our bodies.  The more strength our muscles have, the less opportunity there is for injury.  Strong muscles also help to improve posture.

Are you ready to take advantage of yoga and all the benefits it provides?  Take a class at East West Healing Solutions Wellness Studio to begin your yoga journey. Visit our yoga studio schedule by clicking HERE.

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