Summer is in full swing and that means we are on vacation, outdoors enjoying ourselves and playing LOTS of sports.

We all know that with sports, we can experience injury.  Injury can come at any time and for any reason, especially due to improper training, incorrect equipment, shoes and player contact.  The two major types of injury include traumatic injury – the result of an intense blow or chronic injury due to repetitive movement over time.

Many times athletes suffer sprains and strains. A sprain is an inflammation of the ligament and a strain includes the muscle or tendon.  When suffering from these types of injuries an athlete can expect to experience pain, swelling, red or purple skin discoloration and a reduced range of motion.

Traditional methods such as R.I.C.E.; Rest Ice Compression Elevation often help but more and more athletes find that acupuncture treatments are extremely helpful in situations like those mentioned above.  Dr. Marie Perkins at East West Healing Solutions specializes in athletic pain relief due to impact injuries or due to overuse or chronic injuries especially when sprains and strains target an athletes neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee or ankle.

Don’t Be Sidelined!

We all know that a sports related injury can not only ruin your day but also put you on the sidelines for weeks!  It doesn’t have to be that way and…you don’t have to put a bandage on and work through the pain.  Before you grab a bandage and some pain reliever consider acupuncture as treatment for your injury.

acupuncture needlesWhat is Acupuncture and How Does Acupuncture Work with Injuries?

Chinese medicine has been around for centuries and is an effective way to treat everything from headaches, to injuries, diabetes and more. Acupuncture, is a methodology where a tiny filament needle is inserted into the skin at strategic areas to help the body heal itself naturally without harsh drugs, surgery and without side effects.

The Concept

Chinese medicine is based on the concept of “Qi” (pronounced “chi”).  It is the idea that vital energy flows through our bodies with our blood.  An injury or trauma can interfere and block the flow of Qi and blood.  If this blockage is not treated, the injury can become worse or chronic.  When acupuncture is introduced to this blockage, it removes the blockage and resumes the Qi flow.

Think of it this way, acupuncture:

  • frees the joint
  • unblocks the flow of blood and qi
  • promotes vital energy
  • facilitates healing

Acupuncture, Strains, Sprains, Pain, Swelling and More

The most common injuries an athlete endures tends to be strains and sprains.  In just minutes, acupuncture can dramatically reduce pain and swelling as well as reducing the time to heal.

What about repetitive movements such as pitching a ball or serving a tennis ball?  Tendonitis caused by these repetitive movements can cause severe pain.  To combat this type of injury a regimen of massage combined with acupuncture can really make a difference in the athlete’s prognosis.

Depending on the severity of the injury will determine the length of treatment an athlete must complete.  For example, a chronic injury will respond better to a series of weekly treatments.  Remember, if an injury is not treated, it will not only take longer to heal and may become chronic injuries

Some Things to Remember…

To make your healing process faster and the most effective it can be remember the following:

  • Timing is everything!  The sooner an injury can be treated, the better the results
  • Injury responds best to consistent treatment
  • If using ice, use it only for 10 minutes at a time in the first 24 hours…any more time than that contracts blood vessels, stagnates the blood, congeals the blood and stops vital Qi flow
  • If surgery is required, understand that acupuncture and other Chinese modalities can assist pre and post operation

If you have an injury or would like to have your questions answered about Chinese medicine and how Dr. Marie Perkins and her staff at East West Healing Solutions can help you, please contact us today.  East West Healing Solutions is located at 34876 US Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL 34684.  Call us for an appointment. (727) 216-3972