The first line of defense for your immune system is a strong wei qi or defensive qi.  As we have discussed in the past, qi is the energy that is in our body.  Wei qi is a form of qi energy that circulates just below your skin’s surface.  This form of qi energy is responsible protecting your body from harmful pathogens that can make you sick, especially during cold and flu season which is fast approaching.

If wei qi is responsible for your body’s immunity, it makes sense that we would want boost or improve our wei qi.

Simple ways we can boost wei qi are:

  • Cold showers
  • Exercise outside
  • Eat high quality, healthy foods without overeating
  • Get enough sleep and rest on a regular and consistent basis
  • Limit stress
  • Avoid antibiotics, antihistamines and sinus medication
  • Listen to your body and rest when you need it

Quick qi boosters are great but they aren’t going to give you the boost you need during cold and flu season.  However, there is something you can do to be proactive during cold and flu season.

free wellness-654422_640Consider Acupuncture For Immune Power This Cold & Flu Season…

Considering acupuncture is a safe and effective way to address and improve the weaknesses in your body’s qi.  Acupuncture naturally helps your brain increase your body’s T-cells.  This is important, as T-cells are your body’s arsenal against bacteria and viruses.

How does acupuncture accomplish this?

When acupuncture is applied, it provokes the body’s immune response.  The body perceives the acupuncture needles as a threat.  To stop the threat, the body calls on its T-cells and white cells to be on the look out and stop the threat in its tracks.  This practice amps up the body’s immune system, keeping the body on alert for viruses and bacteria lurking about.  After an acupuncture session, the body stays in a high state of alert for days after.

As we quickly approach cold and flu season, imagine how proactive you can be this season!  Don’t let your body’s qi become sluggish and out of balance.  Once your body starts to lose its qi energy, bacteria and viruses start to move in.

Regular and consistent acupuncture treatments can improve your immune system, keep you healthy during the cold and flu season, improve energy and overall well-being.  Imagine totally by-passing the cold and flu season this year!  It can happen with regular acupuncture treatments.  You can build your body’s immune system and stay healthy this cold and flu season.

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About Dr. Marie Perkins:

PerkinsM 020_fullDr. Marie Perkins, OTR/L, LMT, DOM, Dipl. Ac. is one of the most recognized practitioners in Palm Harbor as a “non-pharmaceutical” pain specialist.

Born and raised in Quebec City Canada, Dr. Perkins received her Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy from University Laval in 1993. Her passion led her to leave everything behind and immigrated to Florida in 1995. She proceeded with acquiring her Massage Therapy license from Bahkti Academy in 1999 and her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004.