Aromatherapy – Sensoria Essential Oils and Their Benefits

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Aromatherapy – Sensoria Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy techniques. Aromatherapy is an alternative medicinal practice that works to heal through smell. Below we will get down to the science behind essential oils and their benefits.

Why Do Essential Oils Work?

It all has to do with the connection between your sense of smell and your brain. Your olfactory system lies primarily in your nose. Your olfactory receptors are capable of detecting thousands of different aromatic compounds or scents.

When an aromatic compound hits your olfactory receptors, the signal is sent to both the primitive brain and the conscious brain. Have you ever experienced memories from a smell? This happens because your brain is stimulated to recall these memories via stimulation of the primitive brain.
During the healing process, if your brain is stimulated by smells that help to further induce healing, your body will heal faster. This also works for mental conditions such as depression. The idea behind this is that the smell will trigger a pathway in your brain that is related to healing, or peace, or whatever oil you are using is meant for.

Benefits of Sensoria Essential Oils

At East West Healing Solutions we have our own specially derived line of essential oils, blended for different needs. For thousands of years, certain smells have been directly related to the alleviation of various diseases or issues people may have.

Sensoria essential oils have been blended to alleviate a headache, joint pain, insomnia, muscle pain, lethargy, and relaxation. There are a few ways the essential oils can be used. They can be warmed to emit the smell in a room, or they can be applied directly to the body. Using essential oils along with your regular medications will aid in the reduction of pain and help you to heal faster.

If you are interested in booking an appointment to talk about how essential oil therapy can aid in your healing process contact us today. East West Healing Solutions in Palm Harbor, Florida is dedicated to your integrative healthcare and overall welfare. We look forward to helping you live a better and happier life. Check out our East West Healing Solutions store for Sensoria Essential Oils.

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