Did you know that at least two-thirds of people will encounter neck pain at some point.  It seems like a high number doesn’t it?  If you think about it, we often take our bodies for granted, putting it through rigorous trials.  We often do not realize the stress that we put on our bodies.  Think about your daily routine.  How many times do you bend over to pick up your children in a day? Or what about gardening?  Do you push, pull or reach for items repetitively throughout the time you are gardening?  What if you have a job that requires you to repeat the same motion over and over or what if you are required to lift heavy objects?  All of these instances like repetitive bending, turning, lifting heavy objects and twisting in awkward directions to reach items puts a heavy demand on our body.  We often don’t realize what we are doing until it is too late.

Besides the repetitive motions mentioned above, cervical neck pain can be caused by a number of factors.  Things like abnormalities in the bone or joints, trauma to the neck, poor posture, degenerative diseases, tumors and muscle strain can all contribute to cervical neck pain.  To understand and appreciate why these things contribute to neck pain, you must understand how the neck is constructed.

Your cervical spine (neck) is constructed of vertebrae that span the length from your skull to your upper torso.  Although the cervical spine may appear to be a series of stacked bones, there is a gel-like substance in between each bone called “cervical discs”.  The cervical discs are a soft, jelly like substances that act as shock absorbers for your vertebrae.  If these discs are damaged due to trauma or repetitive movements, pain can occur.

Anyone who has experienced neck pain understands how important it is to get the pain under control.  East West Healing Solutions specializes in doing just that!  Dr. Marie Perkins is specially trained in pain management through the various modalities offered in her practice.  Some of the most effective forms of pain management include; Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Aqua Massage, Heat Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy and more.

If you have neck pain and are tired of trying to live through it, contact Dr. Marie Perkins at East West Healing Solutions for a consultation.  East West Healing Solutions is located on US Highway 19 North in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Dr. Marie PerkinsAbout Dr. Marie Perkins
Dr. Marie Perkins, OTR/L, LMT, DOM, Dipl. Ac. is one of the most recognized practitioners in Palm Harbor as a “non-pharmaceutical” pain specialist.

Born and raised in Quebec City Canada, Dr. Perkins received her Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy from University Laval in 1993.

Her passion led her to leave everything behind and immigrated to Florida in 1995. She proceeded with acquiring her Massage Therapy license from Bahkti Academy in 1999 and her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004.

Her goal for founding East West Healing Solutions was to be a pioneer in the community working at bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine. She has established strong partnership with Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Pain Management Physicians, Doctors of Chiropractic, Rehabilitative Specialists, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Personal Injury Attorneys in the community proving not only that it can be done but also that a cohesive team approach is often the most efficient way to help a patient.

“Over the years I have continued to add to my knowledge in order to be able to help as many patients I possibly could. Most of the time, a joint effort from Western and Eastern Medicine is required to obtain optimal health. For that reason, patients should proactively seek a team of highly trained professionals in various fields, all working toward one common goal; the PATIENT’S best interest. Your health portfolio should be built with the same concepts as your financial portfolio; diversification is the key!,” Dr. Marie Perkins tells her patients.

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