4 Reasons Why Yoga Helps With Back Pain

//4 Reasons Why Yoga Helps With Back Pain

4 Reasons Why Yoga Helps With Back Pain

We all know that yoga is good for your body.  But, did you realize how good it is when it comes to relieving back pain?  In this post, we will explore 4 reasons why yoga helps with back pain.


Let’s dive in!



Yoga exercises are designed with strength in mind.  Various poses help to strengthen muscles and muscle groups in the back.  Not only do yoga poses strengthen the back but they also strengthen the abdominal muscles.  All of these muscles working together helps to better support the body – taking pressure off the back.



Yoga poses are generally held between 10 and 60 seconds.  When your body is held in a certain pose, some muscles are flexed, while others are lengthened or stretched.  When our muscles are lengthened and contracted, they are less stiff which promotes relaxation and flexibility.  The more relaxed and flexible we are, the less likely we will sustain back injuries.



Having the correct posture does wonders for our backs.  When practicing yoga, our body is in training for good posture.  The more often you engage in training, the better your posture will be.  When your body is in correct alignment, it works better and more efficiently, alleviating pressure and pain from our backs.


Body Awareness

Yoga also helps us become more aware of our body.  When we are more aware of our body, we understand the limits our body can manage and we can recognize where our body needs more support.


Bonus Tip:  It’s fun!

Yoga has plenty of health benefits but one of the biggest benefits is that yoga is a lot of fun!  Ready to try a class? To see our class schedule, click HERE.

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