How Massage Therapy in Palm Harbor Can Treat Arthritis

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How Massage Therapy in Palm Harbor Can Treat Arthritis

People with arthritis commonly experience pain. If you have arthritis and are experiencing pain, your doctor may have told you of a number of ways to treat your pain symptoms. Many doctors will prescribe dangerous and highly addictive medications to people with chronic pain symptoms. People are turning these medications down and looking at alternative therapies to treat their chronic arthritis pain.

Massage therapy in Palm Harbor may be the answer to your pain. Regular massage therapy in Palm Harbor can help you to control your pain symptoms without the use of prescriptions. Here are a few of the benefits of massage therapy in Palm Harbor.

Reduced Arthritis Symptoms

People with different types of arthritis are reported to have lowered symptoms of pain and stiffness when they are receiving regular massage treatments. Massage therapy has been shown in multiple studies to reduce pain (such as neck pain), reduce stiffness, increase the range of motion, and have better overall joint function. Massage therapy in Palm Harbor twice a week can significantly help arthritis patients to perform better, experience less pain, and rely very little on prescriptions to help them get through their day. If you are worried about the time commitment, massage therapy in Palm Harbor can be booked for a half hour or longer.

Less Stress

This may be surprising, but stress management is very important for people with chronic pain. Massage therapy in Palm Harbor can help you to reduce your amounts of stress. When your body has a stress response, whether it be physical or mental, your muscles tense up. Tense muscles, especially when muscles are tensed for long periods of time, can cause pain in the body. Additional pain due to stress will feed into the arthritis pain that you are already feeling and your arthritic chronic pain symptoms will get worse. For many people, this can be a breaking point where they go to their doctors and ask for pain medications that they end up addicted to for the rest of their lives.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

You may be wondering what you can expect at your first session. When you come into your first session, the type of massage you have booked will delineate where your massage takes place and if you need to lay on a table with a blanket or not. Some people living with arthritis, for example, those with osteoarthritis in the knee, can opt for a full body massage or just the area that is causing them pain.

During your massage, if you feel pain, you should let your therapist know right away so that they can either move their point of focus or help you to work through a particularly tough area. Don’t be afraid to be vocal with your massage therapist, if you feel there are areas that they should focus on more than others, let them know. Your massage therapy in Palm Harbor is tailored to treat you and only you.

Sometimes people report a bit of soreness after their first massage therapy session. This will pass after your first night of sleep and it will subside as treatment continues. You will probably be a bit drowsy after your first treatment and may want to consider arranging a ride home if that is an option. Having a ride home will allow your body to continue to remain relaxed for longer after your massage.

Living with less pain and less stress will make you and the people that you are around happier and more at ease. Book your massage therapy in Palm Harbor at East West Healing Solutions today. Give us a call at (727) 216-3972. We look forward to helping you on your way to living a pain-free life.

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