How Essential Oils Can Reduce Your Anxiety

//How Essential Oils Can Reduce Your Anxiety

How Essential Oils Can Reduce Your Anxiety

Plagued by anxiety? Essential oils are the answer.

If you feel even slightly stressed, you should give essential oils a try. Essential oils help the mind and body relax, ease anxiety and make life that much more enjoyable.

Why Stress and Anxiety are on the Upswing

It is not only work that causes stress. Family responsibilities and financial debt are also major contributors to a rise in stress. It is awfully difficult to achieve a healthy work-life balance. If you feel irritable, fatigued, nervous, restless, distracted, or have muscle tension, you are likely stressed out.

Why Stress and Anxiety Occur

Anxiety is triggered by different causes ranging from external factors to health issues, drug/alcohol abuse, and so on. Yet anxiety tends to be caused by stress and/or negative self-perception. If you are aware of the causes of anxiety, controlling it is that much easier. Stress from responsibilities at work and school are particularly destructive.

Those who have recently suffered a death in the family or endured trauma as a result of abuse are that much more likely to be stressed. A rocky relationship with a significant other can also cause stress. If you are involved in an unhealthy relationship, it will take a toll. Medical factors ranging from heart conditions to infections and asthma can also induce stress. Even worrying about family issues like financial challenges can alter emotional stability and cause significant stress.

Environment and Genetics Also Cause Anxiety

Living at a high altitude can lead to insufficient oxygen that stresses the body. Even brain chemistry can induce stress when neurotransmitters do not work as they should. Improper brain chemistry causes the communication network within the brain to falter. If you have relatives plagued by anxiety, you are that much more likely to be anxious simply because of your genetic predisposition.

How Essential Oils can Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety will reduce your ability to function at work, school, and in social settings. Stress and anxiety can lead to social phobias, depression, and even panic attacks. Some find anxiety relief through the holistic approach. Those who try essential oils for anxiety relief typically swear by them. Essential oils are widely revered as superior to most other stress and anxiety treatments. Essential oils improve well-being by impacting portions of the brain responsible for controlling stress and anxiety.

Essential oils even affect parts of the brain that control fear and depression. As soon as the essential oils are in the body, a signal is transmitted to the brain’s limbic system. This signal tells the limbic system to settle down, causing a reduction in stress and ultimately making you that much happier.

In particular, Sensoria essential oils are especially helpful for stress and anxiety relief. Sensoria essential oils for anxiety are a full blend that keeps you in just the right mind state. As an example, adding Sensoria’s Centered Essential Oil Blend for Balance and Serenity to your bath water or placing a couple drops on your pillowcase/washcloth will help you attain proper balance and reduce your stress. Sensoria’s Tranquility Pure Essential Oil is exactly what you need to unwind and find peace. Add this essential oil to a cold compress or bath and you will experience the stress relief you have been looking for.

Essential Oils for Anxiety are Available at East West Healing Solutions

If you feel even slightly stressed or anxious, do not assume it is. Relief is available in the form of our essential oils for anxiety. Contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation. You can reach us by dialing (727) 216-3972.

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