Back and Neck Pain – Discovering Relief

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Back and Neck Pain – Discovering Relief

Trauma, muscle tension, bulging discs and spinal stenosis can all play their part in contributing to back pain. If you have ever experienced back and neck pain, you know how excruciating and debilitating it can be. Even the simplest tasks can seem impossible.

When you experience neck and back pain, you need relief and it needs to come quickly. Discover the non-pharmaceutical, side-effect free way of relieving your pain. The experienced doctors and therapists at East West Healing solutions specialize in reducing and relieving pain through natural modalities. In this article we will focus on how we can help through:

  • Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
  • Heat Therapy
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Tuina Massage
  • Dry Aqua Massage
  • Neuro-Muscular Therapy
  • Exercise and Meditation

AcupunctureTraditional Chinese Acupuncture:
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is the most widely practiced form of acupuncture and the type of acupuncture we practice in our office and therapy center.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body is mapped with “channels” also called meridians through which the energy of the body flows just like blood, lymph or electrical current through our nervous system.

Acupuncture consists of inserting fine sterile stainless steel needles into specific points called acupuncture points to remove blockages and imbalances in the body’s energy flow, therefore positioning the body to heal itself, helping to reduce and relieve pain.

Many people panic when they here the word “needles”. The needles that we use in acupuncture are very thin. They almost resemble the width of a strand of hair or a cat’s whiskers and tend to be virtually painless upon insertion and removal of the needle. In fact, many people become very relaxed during acupuncture treatments.

How Effective is Acupuncture?

For the ones of us who like science…Clinical trials have shown that the insertion of a needle in an acupuncture point stimulates the central nervous system causing the release of neurotransmitters such as endorphins (Beta-endorphin, Dynorphin; natural opiates estimated to be 10-200 times stronger than morphine), serotonin-norepinephrine and encephalin, all substances involved in pain mechanisms.

The use of acupuncture comes with many benefits; it addresses the source of the problem along with its symptoms, it reduces healing time significantly enabling patient to resume normal activities faster and it reduces the incidence of undesirable effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs and the cost associated to them.

Heat Therapy:
MoxibustionWhen used as part of a rehabilitative plan of care, the use of heat therapy increases soft tissue elasticity and blood flow, induces muscle relaxation, stimulates tissue, bone and nerve healing, reduces muscle spasms, inflammation, swelling and pain.

East West Healing Solutions uses a type of heat therapy called moxibustion. Moxibustion is an analgesic technique in which moxa, a flammable substance derived from the leaves of mugwort plants, is ignited.

The technique is intended to warm regions of the body, as well as stimulating blood circulation and energy toward acupuncture points. It is often used as a supplemental treatment to acupuncture.

Cold Laser Therapy:
cold-laser-homeAnother type of therapy East West Healing Solutions utilizes is cold laser therapy. This type of therapy has had substantial clinical evidence published in medical journals over the past 30 years. The findings show that low level laser therapy (LLLT) can be effective at stimulating tissue repair, reducing inflammation, relieving post-operative and musculoskeletal pain and postherpetic neuralgia, to only name a few applications.

Light stimulates or inhibits cellular function according to its intensity and the time applied. When the right wavelength at the right intensity is used at the correct anatomical location for the right amount of time, therapeutic results are obtained.

One of the primary mechanisms is the effect of light on cytochrome c oxidase and the consequently the unbinding of nitric oxide and release of ATP leading to improved cellular function. For anti-inflammatory effects we have found a measurable reduction in PGE2, TNF Alpha and IL-6 in the synovia surrounding damaged tendons and for analgesia high intensity lasers over nerve supply can inhibit fast axonal flow.

Tuina Massage:
Tuina MassageTuina massage, is based on acupressure theory. Acupressure is the practice of applying pressure to certain acupressure points in the body to trigger a similar healing response to acupuncture. This stimulation often relaxes muscles, relieves pain and helps to bring the body back into balance. Tuina practitioners use their palms, fingertips, and knuckles to press, tap, and knead.




Dry Aqua Massage:
dry-aqua-massageOur dry aqua massage unit, The Aqua PT series is specifically designed for musculoskeletal pain management and related Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation applications. Benefits of using this type of massage includes:

  • 20 minutes of aqua massage offers you the same health benefits as a traditional hour-long “hands-on” massage
  • Patients remain clothed and dry with no post-session clean-up of oils or contaminated water
  • The pulsating water jets can be adjusted from a relaxing 2 cycles per second up to an invigorating 10 cycles per second
  • The water temperature can be adjusted from approximately 90°F to 104°F using the electronic thermostat

Neuro-Muscular Therapy:
Neuromuscular therapy technique that applies pressure to muscles with the goal in mind to balance the central nervous system in order to addresses pain syndromes caused by postural abnormalities, nerve compression and lack of blood flow.

Exercise and Meditation:
This year, East West Healing Solutions is excited to bring to you, our new Wellness Studio! Our studio is different that any other you have experienced in the past. Our Wellness Studio is offering a plethora of medically supervised programs incorporating evidence-based exercises proven to be safe and effective for:

  • Conditioning your body after years of inactivity
  • Managing several chronic and acute pain conditions; spine and joint pain, musculoskeletal injuries, post-op
  • Minimizing risk of (re)injury and/or recovery time
  • Enhancing athletic performance

Our classes are divided in 4 different categories:

  • Stretching – Restorative Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling and more . . .
  • Strengthening – Several variations of Contemporary Clinical Pilates and more!
  • Meditation (non-religious) – Qi Gong, Kai Qi Do, guided meditation and more
  • Specialty rotational sports – baseball/softball, golf and  tennis, weekend warriors and more

Aside from highly specialized classes, our calendar of events is filled with workshops and educational seminars.

Payment options are (no contracts, no memberships) –
• Pay as you go
• Pre-paid packages of 5 or 10 classes
• Pre-paid 1, 3, 6 or 12 months unlimited classes

We encourage you to explore our website and our Wellness Studio where you can discover many therapies and programs that can help you achieve pain-free living, increased flexibility and an overall sense of well-being.

marie-2015Dr. Marie Perkins, OTR/L, LMT, DOM, Dipl. Ac. – Qualified to Help!
Dr. Marie Perkins works with each of her patients creating and developing a personal healing and health plan, giving them the best course of treatment for the best outcome.
Dr. Marie Perkins is one of the most recognized practitioners in Palm Harbor, Florida as a “non-pharmaceutical” pain specialist.

She is licensed by the National:
– Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
– Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
– Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

Stop hurting and start living!
Contact East West Healing Solutions today for a FREE consultation.  Discover how we can help you start living pain free again.

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About the Author:

Dr. Marie Perkins, OTR/L, LMT, DOM, Dipl. Ac. is one of the most recognized practitioners in Palm Harbor as a “non-pharmaceutical” pain specialist. She is the founder of East West Healing Solutions and is dedicated to helping patients enjoy optimum health. Born and raised in Quebec City Canada, Dr. Perkins received her Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy from University Laval in 1993. Her passion led her to leave everything behind and immigrated to Florida in 1995. She proceeded with acquiring her Massage Therapy license from Bahkti Academy in 1999 and her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004. Her goal for founding East West Healing Solutions was to be a pioneer in the community working at bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine. She has established strong partnership with Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Pain Management Physicians, Doctors of Chiropractic, Rehabilitative Specialists, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Personal Injury Attorneys in the community proving not only that it can be done but also that a cohesive team approach is often the most efficient way to help a patient.. “Over the years I have continued to add to my knowledge in order to be able to help as many patients I possibly could. Most of the time, a joint effort from Western and Eastern Medicine is required to obtain optimal health. For that reason, patients should proactively seek a team of highly trained professionals in various fields, all working toward one common goal; the PATIENT’S best interest. Your health portfolio should be built with the same concepts as your financial portfolio; diversification is the key!, Dr. Marie Perkins tells her patients.” Aside from offering Traditional Acupuncture to Palm Harbor patients, her clinic also offers several other complementary treatments such as Herbal prescriptions, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Diathermia, Dry Aqua Massage, Cold Laser Therapy, Medical Massage and Postural Analysis among others. Dr. Perkins also develops customized, personal healing and health plans for each patient at East West Healing Solutions.

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