Wellness Exercise Classes Descriptions

//Wellness Exercise Classes Descriptions
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Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine with postures that are held for longer periods of time than in other yoga styles. For beginners, postures may be held for 45 seconds to two mins. More advanced practitioners may stay in one posture for 5 minutes or more. The sequences of postures are meant to stimulate the channels of the body. They’re known as meridians In Chinese medicine, and as nadis in hatha yoga.

Gentle Yoga Exercise Classes

These classes are applicable to all students but is particularly helpful to those dealing with lack of flexibility, recuperating from injury, or are new to the practice of Yoga. Instructors use props to protect sensitive areas to prevent injury or injury reoccurrence.  This restorative gentle class is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic activity of daily life and let your speedometer return to 0 mph. It offers a welcome respite among all the turbulence of life and helps to prepare the mind and body for the inward stroke of meditation and deepened awareness. Moving slowly through the poses allows you to explore your mind and body at a steady and natural tempo.

Gentle Stretching Exercise Classes

This class focuses on stretching to restore and maintain flexibility.  This class is appropriate for all levels from athletes to seniors and those recovering from illness or injuries. The class consists of flowing, non-strenuous movements designed to gently stretch skeletal muscles, deeply relax the nervous system and improve flexibility. Proper techniques and form results in “No Pain – Big Gain”. If it hurts you are going too far. Stretching incorrectly can actually do more harm than good.   Benefits of stretching include: improved range of motion and flexibility, improved balance and better posture, improved athletic performance, reduced risk of injury and increased muscle strength as well as reduced pain as part of a pain management program.

Come for a Class and Learn More About Our Other Holistic Services

At East West Health Solutions, we not only offer wellness classes but have a wide range of other holistic services.  We approach healthcare with an integrative medicine perspective that promotes health and wellness from both a Western and Eastern outlook.  We offer a wide range of services including Health and Nutrition Counseling, halotherapy, acupuncture, manual therapies, Chinese herbal medicine and much more.  So join for one of our classes and then take a minute to find out more about all the other services we provide that can help you attain the best health possible.


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