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Dr. Marie Perkins is very knowledgeable in her field. What makes Dr. Marie so unique is her ability to help her patients by combining TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and her knowledge in traditional medicine. Combining the two is essential in helping the patient through a process of decisions in how to best care for their health. Dr. Marie's proven success is evident in the quality and design of her office and office staff. I strongly suggest everyone try the 'clothes-on massage' treatment - it is excellent and all you do is remove your shoes!

Dan Porter
Dr. Perkins is a great resource in any medical practice as a way to integrate alternative therapies into your health management plan. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and has great patient rapport.

Brett Yunker
Dr. Marie Perkins provides the highest level of Eastern Medicare for her clients, of which I am one. Her dedication to each clients health is forefront when providing services. I highly recommend a visit to meet her and see every avenue of medical care she offers. Five Stars!

Lisa Harrison
Marie Perkins is a passionate and dedicated clinician. Being a multidisciplinary therapist enables her to analyze health issues in a complete and thorough manner. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss health matters on several occasions and I’ve always found her to be of great advise.

Anne-Geneviève Pagé
Marie provided consultation and services to treat my son's asthma. We have seen a significant improvement over the results we were having with only western medicine.

Scott Himelhoch
My wife has been suffering from allergies for many years. We have tried everything. When she went to Dr. Perkins, she solved the problem and was able to assist in other medical areas. I highly recommend Dr. Perkins.

Johnny Drizis
Dr. Perkins was very professional. I have a huge fear of needles and she was able to make me feel comfortable enough to have acupuncture. No pain whatsoever!

Scott P. Swope, J.D.
I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Perkins as she reviewed what I do. As Dr. Perkins exhaustively examined, analyzed and researched everything about my product, I developed a deeper and deeper professional respect. The diligence, compassion and affability with which she worked with me speaks volumes about her dedication and passion for her work and her patient’s. Do yourself a favor; hire Dr. Perkins, you will be well served from such a caring, wonderful and knowledgeable doctor with a big heart.

As for me, I cherish people of integrity, passion and heart, and I am honored to call them my friend. Dr. Perkins has become a valued friend and colleague as a result of working together.

Marcus Eddy
I know Marie on a professional and a personal basis. She helps her patients achieve optimal health by considering all aspects of their individuality – the physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and genetic components that make each of them unique. To restore the state of wellness, her primary goal is to identify and eliminate the source of a patient’s problem, not just the symptoms. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Pam Lagano
Dr. Marie Perkins is a very caring and very thorough doctor. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and competent and always puts the patient first. I highly recommend her.

Mindy Bowman

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