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I was in an auto accident in 1996 and experienced a great deal of soft tissue damage to most of the right side of my body. My condition left me unable to sit for more than 5 minutes at a time, walk without a cane, and was in constant pain. I spent more than a year flat on my back. After the accident I followed the regimen the workers compensation doctors and physical therapists required of me to get rehabilitated and took the meds that had been prescribed. After a year, there was no improvement in my physical condition and my right side was 2 inches shorter than my left. I was depressed and worried I would never again be a viable active person. So, I made a decision to quit the prescribed therapy and drugs and searched for another wellness solution. I went to an acupuncturist for pain treatment and a massage therapist to smooth out my muscles. In a matter of 2 months, my right side was almost as long as my left side and the pain had gone away. Glory be, I was back to ‘living’ again. This year, 2010, now being 56 years old and still trying to do the things I could do at 30, the pain and discomfort returned. I went to see Dr. Marie Perkins, Acupuncture Physician, to see if she could help this old body get back on track. After seeing Dr. Perkins for less than a month, the pain disappeared and my mobility returned. She also treated my right hand, which had been stressed immeasurably by computer work. I was so happy I was finally able to write my father a letter without having to stop and start again to rest my hand. Another side advantage received from Dr. Perkin’s acupuncture was weight loss and a positive improvement in my mental well being. I wish to recommend Dr. Perkins to anyone that has experienced physical trauma. Perhaps consider visiting Dr. Perkins for treatment first, before other rehabilitation avenues. It just might save you a lot of time and pain!
Lynda Damiata
To Whom It May Concern; For quite some time, I had tenosynovitis (trigger finger) in my right thumb and tendinitis in my left thumb. I had been to an orthopedist, chiropractor, and had taken natural anti-inflammatories, to no avail. In fact, my orthopedist said that he couldn’t help me further unless I wanted surgery. The cortisone injection in my right thumb didn’t help. My husband had started going to Dr. Perkins before I did; and after finding out the needles didn’t hurt, I thought I would try acupuncture for my thumb problems. (I never thought I would ever go to an acupuncturist; but, when traditional medicine failed, I was desperate.) To my surprise, acupuncture was very relaxing and didn’t hurt. Because Dr. Perkins multidisciplinary experience, she used acupuncture, massage, Chinese medicine, and occupational therapy to help me. Also, she was available for telephone consultation after hours. I knew she really wanted me to get well. After five visits, I continued with the thumb stabilizer (alternating thumbs at night) and the exercise ball. It wasn’t too long after that before I realized I was able to bend my thumbs without pain again. I was so happy to have full use of my thumbs again. Thanks Dr. Perkins for your patience and care through my treatment. Sincerely,
L. S.
For several years I had experienced pain in my lower back which extended down my right leg. I tried several ‘conventional’ methods to get relief but to no avail. Then I saw Dr. Perkins and in only five visits the pain and discomfort were eliminated. This experience opened my eyes to the fact that there are other possible solutions to medical problems existing outside the ‘usual’ considerations.
Hank in Clearwater
East West Healing Solutions November 15, 2010 Dr. Marie Perkins Dear Dr. Perkins; I want to express to you with this testimonial, the extent of my gratitude to you for all the pain relief I have received from all of your treatments. I came to you, not knowing what to expect. I was having several problems and after several treatments, procedures, I realized that I was able to tolerate the lessened pain and no longer suffered the severe leg cramps. Your pleasant personality, plus your professional knowledge have made my life so much easier. I plan to continue receiving your help. Thank you.
I have an inflammatory condition which Dr. Marie has always been able to help. First, to relax and feel safe and cared for and second to have pain relieved. The needles do not hurt at all and I don’t need drugs for the pain.