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Why You Need a Massage in Palm Harbor

People seek a massage in Palm Harbor for either relaxation, their wellbeing, or because they are suffering from pain or experiencing a limited range of motion in one of their limbs or muscles. Research has proven that by seeking the healing services in a wellness studio such as East West Healing Solutions, you can find both recovery of health as well as relaxation through Palm Harbor massage services.

About East West Healing Solutions Massages

At East West Healing Solutions you can discover a therapeutic massage will reduce or eliminate your stress, give you a break from the troubles of everyday life, and allow you to spend some quality time on just yourself.

The team working for you at East West Healing Solutions are experienced massage therapists and physicians in dealing with pain, neuromuscular medicine, osteopathic manipulation, pharmaceuticals, massage therapy, psychology, and thermography. They are ready to help you heal or relax from the strains of dealing with work, children, or any stressful event that has made your health decline.

It is the goal of the clinic to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicines and help as many patients as possible to find a better quality of life. Making a difference in how people can cope in their day-to-day activities is an endeavor shared by everyone on staff. Whether it is teaching one how to stretch and exercise, finding the right medicine for the underlying cause of your body’s malfunction, or providing the unique massage therapy to give you that healing touch, they are committed to making your health their priority.

How Can a Massage from East West Healing Solutions Help You?

Receiving a massage in Palm Harbor can help your body in a variety of ways. Through special techniques, a therapist can help relax your muscle tissue which can help to decrease nerve compression, increase the space in your joints, and provide you with a more extensive range of motion.

Receiving a massage in Palm Harbor can also improve your blood’s circulation as it will enhance the flow of nutrients and oxygen to muscle cells and remove the waste products that can settle. Patients who suffer from diseases such as arthritis or edema experience significant benefits from the effects of a massage. There are numerous benefits a person can receive by getting a massage in Palm Harbor at East West Healing Solutions.

The Benefits of Getting a Massage in Palm Harbor

Research has proven these general benefits can be experienced from a massage in Palm Harbor:

  • Enhanced vitality and energy
  • Nourishment to cells along with the removal of waste, and improved circulation
  • Release of nerve compression that causes sciatica and carpal tunnel
  • A greater range of motion and more flexibility
  • Loosened muscles such as knots along with other pains and aches
  • Some techniques can help heal scar tissue, ligaments, muscle tears, and tendons
  • Provide physical relaxation

Other benefits of seeking massage at East West Healing Solutions include:

  • Manage complications or symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, hypertension, and congestive heart failure
  • Decreasing pain and increase your function with whiplash injuries, torticollis, thoracic outlet syndrome, varicose veins, myofascial pain
  • Help with emotional, psychological and physical benefits such as an improved mood, lower stress levels, reduced anger and aggression

These are some of the benefits a massage therapist can provide for you. When you stop in at East West Healing Solutions, a healing instructor will sit down and discuss your symptoms to find the best massage therapy to treat your condition.

How to Contact East West Healing Solutions for a Massage in Palm Harbor

Call East West Healing Solutions today at 727-216-3972 and stop suffering from aches and pains caused by everyday living or that you may have incurred from an injury. To schedule a massage in Palm Harbor, call East West Healing Solutions, and gain a better quality of life.