It is only in the recent years that practitioners have begun implementing the combination of both Eastern and Western medicine. Combining the two enables patients also get the best of both worlds. As detailed in a recent report

More than 800 medical practitioners from all over the world have vowed to promote co-operation between Eastern and Western medicine at the 10th World Congress of Chinese Medicine held in Santa Clara of Northern California over the weekend.

“In recent years, Chinese medicine has been playing an important role as a supplement to health service in the Western world,” Li Zhenji, the former vice-director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told China Daily in Santa Clara on Sunday.

Li is also the leader of the expert group of Traditional Chinese Medicine Special Project at the National Basic Research program and vice-chairperson and secretary-general of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

“More and more Western patients have held an open mind towards Chinese medicine after feeling its ‘magic’, but it still takes time to educate the Western market to accept Chinese medicine as a scientific theoretical system,” he said.

Known as a popular retirement destination due to its warm climate and absence of state income tax, Florida is also home to some of the finest medical services in the country. This includes providers of acupuncture in Palm Harbor, who combine the Eastern and Western practices to help clients gain optimum health.

Many Western medical providers have begun exploring the benefits of working as a team with their Eastern Medicine practitioner counterparts. As such, there are now several Palm Harbor oriental medicine practitioners who initially began their careers training in Western medicine. They have since combined their knowledge of both to better meet the needs of their patients. Their continued practice and developments have led to the ongoing consideration of Eastern and Western medicine working as a whole.

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