Go Back to School with Clarity and FOCUS!

Whether you are going back to school to continue your education or you are sending students back to school, wouldn’t it be nice to have that competitive edge?  Imaging brining more clarity and focus to the classroom!

EWHS Canva 7 29 15Great news!  There is a natural and safe way to do just that!  Acupuncture may help you or your favorite student focus more.  Read on to learn more!

To be successful in school, memory and concentration is vital!

Improving Memory

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine recognizes an energy or essence called Shen.  It is thought that Shen influences the following:



  • Long Term Memory
  • Thinking Clearly
  • Assists with Brain Function
  • Sparks Creativity

When Shen is out of sync with the brain, you may feel foggy, confused, forgetful and maybe event restless, causing you not to be focused on the task at hand.  Not only that, your capacity for learning becomes diminished and the ability to retain new content is stunted.

acupuncture needlesAcupuncture may help in this area.  Acupuncture works to bring the body back to a condition of balance where all of the body’s functions are working in harmony.

The brain and Shen is not the only place your body may be off kilter.  In the practice of acupuncture, it is believed that the spleen, kidney and heart systems affect cognitive function and intellect.  Each is believed to have their own specific role or super power!

The Spleen…

  • Impacts short term memory
  • Holds the key for analytical thinking
  • Power center for concentration

Things that counteract what the spleen is responsible for are wary and unhealthy eating habits!

The Kidney…

  • Controls short term memory
  • Is your content retention super star

Things that work against your kidney’s strengths are fear and aging.

The Heart…

  • Dominates long-term memory
  • Instant recall

Things that work against the heart and what it can be capable of are emotional and chemical over-stimulation – a.k.a. drama!

In a perfect world, we would have all of these things in check and balanced.  But, that is just not realistic.  Life happens.  Work happens.  We can’t control everything.  Until now!  That’s where acupuncture fits in…nicely!

Acupuncture focuses on improving the flow of Qi or energy in our body.  When the body gets overwhelmed or there is overstimulation in one area and not enough in another, out Qi energy gets stagnated and blocked.  Acupuncture stimulates the Qi in the areas that appear to be blocked and gets things moving again.

Once the blockage is opened up, we can start thinking more clearly, stay focused, even retain what we are learning and recall becomes faster, more fluid.  Many like the acupuncture approach for people with ADHD.  Again, the aim is to focus on where the blockage is and improve the Qi flow bringing balance back to the body resulting in a more focused brain function and more clarity.

One Final Note:

As with anything, plenty of sleep and a proper, nutritious diet helps with the success of anything you are trying to accomplish.  Focus and clarity included!

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