As we stated above, one herb or one group of herbs is never either good or bad. It varies for all people. For example, diet products containing the famous Chinese Herb, Ephedra (Ma Huang). This herb has been shown to stimulate the metabolism. However, in Chinese Medicine it is used as an acute anti-asthmatic on a short-term base only. If this herb is used on a long-term base or at a too high dose, it could stimulate the body too much and possibly induce a heart attack. This is a very clear example of a perfectly safe and essential herb that can potentially become deadly when used inappropriately. This is true of everything; Chinese Herbs, Western Herbs, OTC and prescriptions drugs. This is why it is critical that Chinese Herbal Medicines stay in the hands of the professionals who have been trained to use them. Another example is Ginseng. The problem is everyone THINKS they know what it is good for! The media describes it as good for the immune system and energy level. While this is true, Ginseng taken on a long-term base can actually produce extreme lethargy and fatigue! This is essential to know but unfortunately not transmitted to the public due to the lack of understanding regarding how herbs really work.

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