Athletes are expected to train hard and surpass their limits when going out in the field. However, the pursuit of glory may have downsides in the form of physical pain and injury. Fortunately, there is a solution for an athlete’s painful woes, as Jeanne Rose explains in her piece for Yahoo! Sports:

“Acupuncture is a natural treatment option that is available for athletes to reduce pain and speed healing. Acupuncture treatment consists of small needles being inserted into the body at different points, in order to treat a specific condition. There are a lot of health benefits that can be gained by using acupuncture treatment, which can help athletes during sports.

If an athlete is suffering from muscle or joint pain, he or she might decide to try acupuncture, since it can greatly reduce or relieve these symptoms. Acupuncture has long been used to treat all sorts of pain, which can include pain coming from the muscles and joints. […]”

Shutting Out All the Pain through Quality Acupuncture in Palm Harbor

Rose’s musings may find relevance with residents of Palm Harbor and the great state of Florida, in general. The city’s proximity to Tampa gives residents ready access to a number of sports activities, as the greater Tampa area already hosts spring training sessions of the MLB Grapefruit League and four of the nation’s professional leagues have Tampa as their base of operations. When Pinellas County’s toughest and brightest athletes need some recourse from a long day of hard games, they can do well to visit an expert of acupuncture in Palm Harbor like Dr. Marie Perkins of East West Healing Solutions.

Muscle or joint pains, usually due to muscle spasms, are among the problems that plague almost every athlete after they leave the field for the day. In some cases, any injury they sustain can bring about pain and inflammation in the affected area, which can come as a partial result of blockages or congestion in what acupuncture practitioners call the Qi, or life-force. A consultation with a Palm Harbor oriental medicine specialist who can identify the said blockages can effectively carry out the necessary treatment(s).

The body’s healing process is accelerated to a certain degree through acupuncture. The needles inserted at select locations can help bring in more oxygenated blood to important organs, thereby speeding up the healing via increased circulation. Indeed, other than proper training, regular exercise, and a balanced diet, acupuncture therapy is another method for an individual participating in any sports activity to maintain his health and improve his performance.

(Article Information and Image from Three Health Benefits an Athlete Can Gain from Acupuncture, Yahoo! Sports)