How much training is involved?

Doctors of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncturist Physicians are considered in the state of Florida, as Primary Care Physicians. They are trained in accredited graduate schools for 3-4 years. The NCCAOM (National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) maintains a directory of certified practitioners on their web site, www.NCCAOM.org. In addition, you might read [...]

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Does my insurance plan cover acupuncture?

Acupuncture is gaining acceptance in the insurance marketplace due to its results and cost effectiveness. The best way to determine what coverage you may have for our treatments is to go to the “patient info”ab on this website. Click and complete the insurance verification section. We will check into your coverage and call you to [...]

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Is acupuncture safe?

It is virtually impossible to contract any type of disease when only sterile and disposable needles are used. This means that the needles are being used one time only and immediately disposed of after the treatment in a biohazard container. The most common side effects reported after an acupuncture treatment are sleepiness and occasional bruising at the [...]

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How does it work?

Although there is current research in acupuncture, we still can rarely answer questions based on a Western scientific-evidence-based model. Western allopathic Medicine treats diagnoses that are often established by fairly objective impersonal standards. Oriental Medicine’s approach, on the other hand, treats the individual as a whole, not a diagnosis. In November of 1997, the National [...]

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How many treatments will I need?

Each individual is different, depending on your present health condition, age and how long you may have suffered from your present ailment, whether you are presently taking pharmaceutical drugs or have had radical surgery. Generally speaking, an individual's body doesn't become ill overnight, consequently cannot expect an immediate cure. Acupuncture usually requires a series of [...]

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Does it hurt?

The sensation of pain is subjective from one person to the other. Acupuncture is NOT sensation-free but should be pain-free. Descriptions range from feeling nothing at all, to a heavy sensation, tingling, mosquito bite and the list goes on… At times, sensations can be felt only at the site of insertion or can travel throughout [...]

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What about the herbs, are they safe?

Chinese Herbal Medicine was developed as an integral part of Chinese Medicine and therefore very safe when prescribed correctly by a properly trained practitioner. When misused, they can have devastating outcomes. Here are some dangerous misconceptions: It has been used for centuries, therefore it must be safe: FALSE! It worked on my friend's conditions, it should [...]

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Is taking vitamins that contain Chinese Herbs, a good idea?

As we stated above, one herb or one group of herbs is never either good or bad. It varies for all people. For example, diet products containing the famous Chinese Herb, Ephedra (Ma Huang). This herb has been shown to stimulate the metabolism. However, in Chinese Medicine it is used as an acute anti-asthmatic on [...]

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