How to Relieve Your Back Pain With Yoga

//How to Relieve Your Back Pain With Yoga

How to Relieve Your Back Pain With Yoga

Yoga is the solution to your back pain.

Millions of Americans are afflicted with back pain. Much of this pain is attributable to the fact that most people sit down for the majority of the day. Sitting for extended periods of time places an incredible amount of stress on the back, especially the lower or lumbar portion of the back. Thankfully, back pain relief is available in the form of yoga. You read that right. Yoga for back pain relief is considered highly effective.

Eliminate Back Pain With Yoga

A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows participating in yoga really does help relieve lower back pain. The Annals of Internal Medicine reported similar results. Researchers from Britain compared 12-week yoga programs and found yoga classes were more effective for boosting back function than routine care. This means yoga decreased the back-related issues that prevented full and painless participation in everyday activities like climbing the stairs, standing, walking, jogging around, and so on. The study compared yoga to exercise classes that were designed with the study in mind. These exercise classes included warm-ups, strength exercises and considerable movement with the legs and trunk. The exercise movements and yoga movements were fairly similar in the context of physical movement. The results show both are highly effective at relieving back pain. Yet if one were to ask the typical person which of the two activities he or she would rather partake in, most would choose yoga for back pain relief over simple stretching for a variety of reasons.

For one, yoga classes are more interesting than stretching. You are guaranteed to learn something in a yoga class. Yoga works the entire body and provides ample motivation while doing so as others are present in the class with you. Ask anyone who has given yoga a chance and you will find they are adamant this experience benefits more than just the body alone. Most yoga participants report the activity also enhances the mind, spirit, and flexibility to boot. So, if you struggle with back pain, try yoga as opposed to stretching or another form of exercise to relieve back pain.

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