Yoga Equipment for Beginners: What Do You Need for a Yoga Class?

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Yoga Equipment for Beginners: What Do You Need for a Yoga Class?

Yoga equipment to bring to your first yoga class.

“Quarantine 15” sounds a bit funny, but it’s no laughing matter. Weight gain from COVID-19 isolation and work-at-home has become a problem for many. Health and nutrition professionals say for those already struggling with obesity, this weight gain poses a very real hazard to their health.

No matter how much you tried, exercising at home didn’t work.

But fear not, now that our yoga studio in Palm Harbor is holding classes, it’s time for you to seriously – and gently – get rid of unwanted pounds!

Feeling good again will feel so good!

Many yoga beginners struggle to figure out what yoga equipment they need to bring to their first class. If you’ve got enthusiasm, that’s the most important tool for building a healthier life.

Essential Yoga Equipment for Beginners: Dress for Success

Probably among the first questions beginning yoga students ask is “What should I wear?” Proper attire is one of the most important yoga equipment for beginners.

You want your clothing to be so comfortable that you don’t think about it. You don’t want to be distracted as you tug too-tight shirts or hitch-up baggy pants. A loose-fitting t-shirt and stretch pants are the standard “uniform” for yoga. Shirts and pants that wick-away perspiration are available in every price range.

Many wellness studio classes require you to wear proper footwear for special floors. Yoga is traditionally a barefoot exercise, and if you’re comfortable being barefoot, that’s great!

What you don’t want to wear are heavy running shoes. Yoga socks and shoes are lightweight and many have non-skid bottoms for better mat-gripping. Amazon offers several types of yoga socks and shoes, including half-toe socks for better footing in class.*

Please remember: If your shirt is baggy, some of the poses will expose your abdomen or sports bra. If you tend to be embarrassed about your body, you could actually hurt yourself trying to adjust your clothing during a yoga pose. Either check modesty at the door or wear form-fitting stretch clothing. Non-sagging clothing will also help your instructor observe and correct your positions when necessary.

The right clothing will enhance your yoga experience.

Personal Accessories

Some yoga equipment for beginners are accessories needed for any kind of physical exertion:

  • After-workout snack – You may want to bring a protein bar or any kind of pick-me-up snack.
  • Small towel – Any hand or kitchen towel will do. But many people want a dedicated gym towel. Cotton or microfiber? Cute or solid-print?
  • Sports bra – The best sports bras for 2020 are lightweight, seamless, and multipurpose (One says it eliminates the need for an over-blouse).
  • Street clothes – You’ll see people in yoga exercise clothing in the grocery store, meeting friends for lunch… But if you’re coming from or going to work or an event, you may prefer to wear traditional clothing.
  • Underwear – Yes, there’s workout underwear, too. Seamless stretch underwear costs about $10 or less at department stores. Under Armour* makes serious workout underwear (4-way stretch and anti-odor) and their price reflects it.
  • Water bottle – You don’t need anything fancy, but a lot of people “express themselves” through their water bottles. Just make sure you bring a source of fresh drinking water to every yoga class.

Finally, most studios have mats and blocks available. You may want to use them until you become more familiar with what you need. Because of today’s cross-contamination concerns, a mat is a small investment in guarding your health.

Palm Harbor Yoga Classes Start Soon

If you have physical challenges including aches and pains, you should probably steer clear of fitness centers. For gentle, whole-body health solutions, many people need the care-giving services available at a wellness center.

East West Healing Solutions offers safe, effective yoga for weight loss and increased mobility. Call 727.216.3972 or contact us today to schedule an appointment at our wellness studio!

*East West Healing Solutions does not recommend nor endorse any clothing/footwear brand.

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